Work-Life Balance

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Work-Life Balance

This is a tough thing to achieve. What is stated here is extremely true for many of us. We all want to succeed in life and to be seen by others as successful. It is natural to want to be liked in and out of work however it is usually society and the media that defines whether we are successful or not. These are the unrealistic standards we set for ourselves. Society can define success and a well-balanced life by materialistic means. The “Work-Life-Balance” is hard to master and very few do. All too often I personally see people around me working extremely hard and doing well in their work-life and it is all too often at the expense of their life.

Work-life balance with CBD
Work-life balance

The Definition Of A Good Balanced Work-Life

The definition of a good balanced work-life should be defined by our set of standards that we place upon ourselves. I would suggest that some of the markers we set are balanced around meaningful pursuits that enrich our own lives and the lives of the people around us. As stated here these standards should not be at the expense of our mental health. Working hard to maintain a lifestyle to impress others or keep up appearances is wrong.

7,Same Days In A Week

I think you will know you may be nearly there when you can see that there are 7 days in a week. Each day being somewhat equal and you are not just living for the weekend. The weekend being Friday and Saturday as Sunday can be spent around restrictions because of Monday.
There is no one set of rules that will allow you to achieve this and this journey is an individual thing. We all no know that no one on their death bed wished for more time in the office.

To the pursuit of meaning.

Care In Every Step

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Work-Life Balance
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Work-Life Balance
Is your life in balance? Have you truly managed to achieve the perfect work-life balance? We all struggle with this in our lives. Here is a quick video to get you thinking.
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