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CBD Oil for sleep

Your Sleep Needs To Improve

Can your sleep be improved with CBD? Well, firstly let us look at sleep and why it is so important to your over mental and physical health. Sleep is one of the best things you can do to help yourself. It is the most underestimated thing we can easily do to improve and maintain all aspects of our lives.  Sleep is the foundation block of our health and if we do not get enough of the right type of sleep we will be in serious trouble.

When you get your sleep, the world and everything in it feels a million times better. Any troubles you have mentally and physically seem to be a lot better even when they are not as we tend to be able to manage these issues better. This is the time where your body and your mind gets to repair itself.

I used to be heavily involved in fitness and nutrition before I found this need and passion for CBD. When I was helping clients sleep and hydration were the two things I spent a lot of time on. We are constantly on the go and our lifestyles do not promote or allow a healthy sleeping lifestyle.

Professor Mathew Walker

Why Sleep Is Vital

What you will hear:

  • Sleep and memory
  • Toxic Protein Build Up And Disease
  • Sleep and testosterone
  • Sleep and ageing
  • Immune system and sleep
  • Sleep and cancer
  • Sleep and your Cardio system
  • Blood pressure and sleep
  • Sleep and your mental health

Sleep and Your Health

Not getting enough of the right sleep can have some concerning short and long term issues to your health. Lack of sleep is associated with many of the mental health issues we have. When we are awake our brain is constantly working and just like the rest of us it needs to reboot. It needs to build back up all the chemicals and hormones it has used throughout the day. More importantly, it needs to get rid of the harmful bi-products from our brain. We have a biological clock that we need to reset daily. This built into us from our brains foundations in, what many sometimes refer to as, the chimp brain.

A Little Bit Of Science Behind Sleep

I spoke above about this biological clock. This is one of the factors that makes us want to sleep. When the sun rises our brains can pick up this light. Subconsciously our brain thinks the day must be starting and this light also affects us how our sleep system works throughout the day. Our brains can see the sun rising and setting and as it is setting it starts to shut down slightly and it is getting ready for sleep. This is why the lights from our phones and TVs etc affects us so much. It is also why many people are diagnosed with the winter blues or “Seasonal Affective Disorder”Many more of us have this and do not realise it.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (Sleep Disorder)

The winter blues affects a large number of people in Ireland. The sun is powerful. When we don’t get enough of this we will experience.

Dips in serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood
Disruptions in circadian rhythms (your body’s internal clock), which help control sleep-wake cycles.
Alterations in melatonin, a hormone associated with both mood and sleep.

The above can be disruptive and if left unchecked, can have some nasty side effects. I have found over years of using CBD that taking a bit extra in the winter really does help. It is also why I add a little more VIT D so my nutritional intake.

Back To The Science And Sleep

Another reason why we sleep and our bodies make us sleep is because of a chemical called “Adenosine” This is the bi-product from another ATP which is a molecule that is used for energy production. This binds to chemicals in the brain to help our brains to go to sleep. On the other side of this caffeine can block this. If this and other items block the adenosine it continues to build up. This is why the term caffeine or sugar crash comes from. When the stimulant wears off the Adenosine floods in and extreme fatigue kicks in.

Types of Sleep

There are two types of sleep that we hope to get every night. REM or Rapid Eye Movement and NREM or Non-Rapid Eye Movement. Sleep is divided into roughly 90 odd minute cycles and the ratio of REM to NREM varies. NREM sleep occurs mainly in the first part of the night and this helps get rid of connections in the brain that are no longer needed and this also aids in memory development.

Rem sleep is the part of the sleep cycle that occurs towards the end of the cycle and it is where we create new necessary connections in the brain and it is associated with creativity. It would explain why, when we get a good nights sleep the problems are easier to solve and manage.

The 4 stages of sleep

Can CBD Help With Sleep?

When someone comes to me looking to buy CBD, one of the questions I may ask is “How is your sleep”. I know from experience and from helping hundreds of more people, that CBD can have a very positive effect on your sleep quality. I have to state by law that you should read the disclaimer on our platforms as CBD is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any illness or issues you may have and I am not a doctor.

However, I know for sure I would still be on my downers and sleepers if I did not find CBD.  I hated taking Clonazepam as I knew in the long term it was not healthy and it was taking years off my life. In the short term, I was not getting the right type of sleep and my brain was being forced to shut down unnaturally. I woke up feeling numb to the world. Not feeling happy or sad and I was left with a feeling of indifference.


CBD is a food supplement and, you may think that it will not work for you. CBD is not a miracle cure but let me share with you some studies where CBD was was tested and I can also tell you first hand how CBD has helped me and my clients. You just need to find a strain and brand that suits you and your therapeutic dose.

Your Endocannabinoid system is very complex. It really is a part of your makeup and it is why CBD can have such a positive effect on you. When you are deficient in Cannabinoids this could have an impact on your health in a negative way. Thus, when you replace these missing cannabinoids your health can improve. Much like taking an iron tablet if you are anaemic.

CBD Feedback

After I found my dose I started to creep myself of the Pharmaceutical medications slowly. Within 6 weeks I was off all night time medications and I noticed a dramatic and significant improvement in many aspects of my life. I experimented with coming off CBD at night but I very quickly found out that I needed CBD to help keep my sleep and mental health balanced.

Clients have reported the following to me-

  • Waking up more refreshed.
  • Not waking up as much during the night.
  • Less Stress.
  • Less Anxious.
  • Reduction in pain.
  • Not as irritable and they stated “You know, I just can’t place my finger on it but I feel much better”

CBD seems to have some very positive effects on people. Another example of this is Epilepsy. Fatigue can be a contributing factor in having seizures. I know for my wife that CBD has played a huge role in keeping her condition under control. It was a massive help for all of her pregnancies and we have no doubts that it helped us avoid many seizures.

CBD Studies

There are studies out there that have CBD helped with Sleep and the associated issues that come along with it. As this is a very new industry there is a long way to go in to get more reliable ones but I will provide you with some links here to some of them.

The study (Here) talks about how a number of patients had anxiety and as a result of there sleep issues. They took just over 25mg of CBD for a month and they found that in just under 80% of the participants their anxiety reduced in over 65% of them their sleep improved.

Here are 2 more studies that showed CBD help dramatically improve the negative reactions people were having with sleep and how CBD helped them. I would also like to point out that the anecdotal evidence outweighs all the scientific studies and you would hear many other positive reviews in groups all around the world.

Study 1 – Study 2 –

Can CBD help with your sleep and other aspects of your life? Scientifically there are few studies to show this as the industry is so new. From my own personal experience and from the feedback from others, it suggests that CBD could. I know I certainly don’t go to bed without it.

Sleep Myths

Have a listen to this to find out the truth about the following.

  • Would you like to find out if counting sheep works?
  • How about eating sheep, does this give you nightmares?
  • Does white noise or ocean noises work for when you sleep?
  • Are naps a bad thing?
  • Can you split your sleep routine with 4 hours at night and 4 hours during the day?
  • Why do you feel tired at lunchtime?

Helping Ourselves To Sleep

Sleep Guide

Are you able to do these things to make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep?

Another thing you can do as well as these things in this clip is to avoid a warm bath or shower. This will raise your body temperature and your body needs to cool down before it can sleep. A bath is particularly bad as you will need to hydrate more as your body will sweat more here to try and keep its core temperature down. CBD has been shown to help with sleep and keep you asleep.

What you will hear:

  • Sleep routine
  • Melatonin and sleep
  • Blue lights and sleep
  • Sleep and temperature
  • Alcohol and sleep
  • Caffeine and sleep
  • When you wake up from sleep
  • Meditation and sleep

Meditation, CBD And Sleep

There is a lot of science out there about meditation and sleep. Many of us find it very hard to settle at night as our mind is racing about the next day. Slowing down your mind and your thoughts is where meditation comes in. It is why we have started a whole section about this mindfulness routine. Even if you find meditation way our there for you, the breathing routines certainly are much easier and another great way to get to sleep fast.

Guided Sleep Routines And CBD

Here is another sleep routine that I have used many times. It is about an hour long and uses a different technique to help you sleep. Doing this sleep routine and taking my CBD has always put me off to sleep.

Natural Sleep Aids To Help You Sleep

I think by now we all know that sleep is really important for us and it is why we talk about it so much. It is one of the cornerstones of our health. You are unique in every way and the above techniques can help you drift off to sleep however they don’t always work. In a study of 1800 Irish people, only 9% of these were getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep. This has a huge impact on their health. You can read more about this study HERE.

We offer guides hints and tips to help get to sleep.

Melatonin And Your Sleep

Melatonin plays such a big role in the sleep/wake cycle. Other things get in the way and stop this natural hormone from doing its job. Stress or more to the point cortisol can block melatonin from flooding into the brain when it’s needed at night. This keeps you awake and people often report that their mind is racing or they are very unsettled. As melatonin takes time to build up when we nap takes away from this build-up and thus we can find it hard to get to sleep as there is not enough melatonin there.

More often than not there are always underlying issues as to why people can’t sleep. Dealing with these triggers will significantly improve your chances of falling asleep and staying asleep. The following are 5 more tips to help you get that sleep you desire.


This is one of the oldest and most widely used ways of helping people fall to sleep and many swear by it. The natural terpenes have a good sedative effect and apigenin which is in the chamomile helps to keep that stress away which allows the natural sleep cycle to take place. Here is a study that will give you a little more insight into this. Click HERE

Valerian Root

Valerian root is very popular in Europe as a means of helping people get to sleep. It is sometimes referred to as “Natures Valium” and is deemed to have very calming effects on us. A STUDY showed that 89% of the people that took part found that this helped them to get more sleep.


Lavender is very well known for its aromatherapy qualities and has some sedative qualities. There are many variations of herbal tea being used and it is used widely as a supplement as it has a calming effect. It is definitely something you should try if you haven’t done so already. 


Magnesium is something I have used over the years and find it very effective. Not having this in your diet can really cause as much damage as not having enough sleep. A sign that you are low in magnesium is when sleep issues occur. So if you have never tried this it is worth adding this supplement to your diet to aid in sleep quality providing your doctor approves.

Will CBD Oil Make You Tired?

In a survey, about 66% of Irish people reported their sleep as average or poor. The quality of your sleep influences your mood, your patience, energy, your pain thresh hold, and much more.

A question we get asked al lot is “Will Prime Spectrum CBD make me tired?” With more and more people in Ireland turning to CBD to get better sleep and some saying it makes them feel more energetic, which is it? Well, lets us explain why the answer is both yes it can give you energy and it can help you sleep.

Girl Sleeping

How CBD Affects The Body

CBD affects everyone differently, and there are numerous factors on how it can influence you and your body. How it makes you feel is largely down to the individual due to the makeup of their endocannabinoid system and where the CB1 and CB2 receptors are based in concentrations. This system, in conjunction with the cannabinoids that are made available to it, is responsible for maintaining balance or homeostasis. It has a role to play in the areas listed above as well but not limited to, digestion, appetite, sleep, and, reproductive function.

We have said it many times that CBD is its own worst enemy as it could impact so many areas of our health and people find it hard to believe one thing could do so much.

The Endocannabinoid System And Sleep

The endocannabinoid system and our circadian rhythms are closely connected. Anandamide and 2-AG are cannabinoids that are produced by the body naturally. These impact the sleep-wake cycle our bodies go through every day. Our brain uses many qs to control our sleep cycle and one of them is the brain subconsciously being aware of the sun and its position in the sky. This along with other factors helps with the sleep cycle.

At night anandamide increases in the brain and during the day, it is at significantly lower levels. 2AG is on the opposite end of the scale, being higher during the day and lower at night. These work with the CB1 receptors and are associated with areas of the brain that regulate our sleep patterns. Experts in this field understand that although CBD doest directly influence sleep it indirectly does. It does this by having an impact on the levels of anandamide which impacts the sleep cycle.

The Answer To “Will Taking CBD Make You Feel Tired? 

Yes and No. CBD works with your endocannabinoid system and helps maintain balance within the body. Your biological functions are higher and you are body is working hard to maintain this level of function. The metabolism to hormone production is much different and CBD will directly or indirectly help maintain this balance. At night the metabolism to hormone production is much different again and CBD will help to promote and maintain this balance.

There is no evidence to prove that CBD makes you tired. CBD users and the general industry agree you may feel more relaxed however knocking you off your feet during the day, no.

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