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Quit Smoking With CBD

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Stop and Quit smoking With CBD is not something many would place in the same sentence. How many times have you tried to stop smoking? If you are smoking and you want to quit, the hardest thing to knock is the habit of the hand to mouth action you are so used to throughout the day. The next thing would be the nicotine that your body may be reliant on. I am sure you probably have tried it all but have you tried CBD?

11 minutes

Scientists estimate that with every smoked cigarette, an individual reduces their life expectancy by 11 minutes. Smoking cigarettes is currently the number one cause of preventable death in the whole world. This is because it leads to cancer, pulmonary and heart disease. Recent research shows that cannabis contains compounds that could help you stop this lethal habit.

More Effective

There are many people who found it more effective than normal methods. CBD can help you with this in many ways while enchanting your life and health for the better.
As far back as 2013 preliminary studies showed that using CBD helped smokers cut back by as much as 40%. That is a great start and a massive benefit if you are trying to quit. Let us just keep in mind that this study didn’t ask the people involved to give up altogether but they were able to cut back and this is always very advisable when you are withdrawing from anything. In my opinion, I do not think it is advisable to go cold turkey from smoking as you could be placing yourself under a lot of unnecessary and stress both physically and mentally.

The hand to mouth action

The hand to mouth action is something that can be very hard to kick and stop. It really is a habit that takes time to adjust to. You will have certain triggers that will make you want to smoke. The morning cup of tea or coffee. The night out with friends with a few drinks or just the stress of your everyday life. CBD is the perfect option to help kick the habit. It could allow you to feel less stressed and more relaxed. We supply perfect options for you to aid in this endeavor.

Our Products

The “Softgels” have the perfect high dose of CBD to keep help keep you calm and relaxed long term.  Our CBD “Tincture” act fast and are easy to take and taste great too. We have CBD “Gummies” which are a great little snack and be chewed on to help with the habit.

However you decide to tackle this, we have you covered and you should not do this alone. You stand more of a chance in kicking this if you get some help. Why not let me help you?

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