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Novel Food Act And CBD Ireland

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Novel Food Act Germany

CBD And The Novel Food Act

The Novel Food Act And CBD has taken a giant leap forward and this is great news for all concerned. The Europea Industrial Hemp Association(EIHA). The EIHA has gained the status of a key stakeholder in the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) This meant it was in a better position to defend hemp and its products from the blanket attack of the Novel Food Act. This group and others have shown that CBD was around well before 1997 and it is not a Novel Food.

What Is The Cost Of A Novel Food Application

Other industries, such as the Pharmaceutical, had a keen interest in making sure CBD was classed as a Novel Food. A Novel Food license would cost nearly €500,000 and this is out of reach for most of the suppliers that helped to build up this industry. The Federal government in Germany has sided with the EIHA against the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL). They have backed the assumption that   “foodstuffs containing parts of the hemp plant are in principle not “novel” foods within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2015/2283.”


This is a real milestone as this action should spread to the rest of the EU in time. This helps secure the position of companies and takes a lot of pressure and fear from this space. It is also good for the Cannabis Industry as a whole. THC is being looked at too by the W.H.O and the U.N and is more than likely going to be downgraded. This in conjunction with this Novel Food stance is a giant leap forward for the sector.

It’s ridiculous this fight had to take place at all however it’s great to see common sense prevail. I hope Ireland will adopt this stance when the EU lawmakers go this way. This would help to ensure a growing Hemp trade leading to a healthier population and many more jobs.

It’s a great sign that the CBD Industry is starting to be taken seriously by lawmakers. This move adds further potential for this market.

The following is an article from HEMPTODAY.  European Industrial Hemp Association is continuing to press German consumer safety authorities. They want them to reassess their stand on products containing cannabidiol. EIHA also questions the attitude of the European Commission’s Standing Committee Working Group on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed. EIHA said Germany’s Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety has confirmed receipt of EIHA documents. That assessment holds that food and food supplements containing CBD must undergo a lengthy and expensive process under the EU’s Novel Food rules.

Unfortunate Novel Food Act Politics

“Unfortunately, the authorities in Germany, but also other representatives of the Member States in the PAFF committee in Brussels, are now acting as if extracts from hemp were suddenly something eerily new, in other words, ‘novel’,“ Daniel Kruse, EIHA’s President told Hanf Magazin, the German cannabis publication, in an interview yesterday. EU Novel Food rules require producers of hemp extracts used in food – including, importantly, CBD – to undergo stringent and costly registration requirements. The Catalogue is essentially a food safety mechanism, intended and invented to control new, genetically or synthetically designed food products before market entry.

The Arguments For The Novel Food Act

They argued that a distinction must be made between products with the natural full spectrum of cannabinoids and products enriched with isolates or cannabinoids. “This blanket assessment of dietary supplements containing CBDs is still incorrect in both fact and law”. “According to the experts, a distinction must be made between products with the natural full spectrum of cannabinoids  and products with isolates or enriched extracts.” This includes the historically indisputable that hemp has been a foodstuff for centuries,“.

Prime Spectrum CBD Is Novel Food Compliant

The CBD landscape is a very tricky area with the laws and legislation changing almost on a daily basis. The THC issue has not gone away and the Novel Food Act is looming over the industry. We were, of course, aware of both the issues mentioned, and when we started this company we kept this in mind. We are happy to announce that Prime Spectrum CBD Ireland will be Novel Food compliant in the very near future. This secures the unique Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich Hemp products to Ireland and the rest of the EU.

To date, many companies have looked to apply for a Novel Food Licence. If you have applied you can be deemed to be covered while your application is under review. The vast majority of these companies have been Isolate based and inferior to Full or Broad Spectrum products. These applications have been weak and incomplete in many cases and thus stand little chance of getting through. The process itself is extremely expensive and time-consuming. Prime Spectrum CBDs supply chain has a very detailed application and is of Gold Standard, just like our products.

Novel Food Compliant CBD For B2C And B2B

Prime Spectrum CBD Ireland has a solid foundation and will continue to supply legal CBD products to Ireland and the EU. We look forward to continuing to help you with all your CBD needs. If you are a company that is struggling to find a legal Novel Food compliant supplier then we are here to help you. Get in touch and make sure you have secured your companies future.

Novel Food Act And European Commission

The European Commission has paused over 50 Novel Food applications for NON-SYNTHETIC CBD as it decides whether it falls under the scope of a narcotic as defined by the UN Single Convention on Narcotics 1961. Their initial view is that CBD extracted from flowering Hemp plants should be classed as a narcotic. This means that CBD on the EU market would not be able to through the Novel Food process and would not be classed as a food. This would mean many EU CBD products would be illegal.

Novel Food Law Enforcement In Ireland

I can understand why the EC is looking to standardise things within the EU. To date, CBD laws are not synced between countries and the rules and enforcement vary from country to country. Ireland, it seems, has taken little notice of what is going on and the state is more concerned with the THC value of the products. The UK has taken a stricter stance as it demands that all CBD manufactures must have a valid Novel Food license application in place by 31 March 2021. They too are concentrating more on the THC issue as they look to leave the EU.

CBD Products And Ireland From The UK

Many people in Ireland are not aware that a lot of CBD products come from the UK and are just white labelled here as Irish brands. Others are USA based with suppliers having sister companies based in the EU and practically all are Sativa based. The UK is being sensible about all this and they are looking to keep their industry on track as the FSA allows its compliant CBD manufacturers to continue to grow and function. Whatever Ireland’s decision on this it seems CBD will have a legal route here regardless of the ECs decision.

At the end of it all It is just more political nonsense from the powers to be as they try to look after the Pharmaceutical industries.

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