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Metabolising CBD Products

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Metabolise CBD

Metabolising CBD

CBD products are generally safe to use if they are obtained from a reliable source and metabolising CBD products is not an issue for most. CBD does not have mind-altering effects and is not addictive. It is made from natural sources and interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system. It is known to have many beneficial effects on our health if taken correctly.  However, this does not mean that it comes without risk if taken incorrectly. This is the same for all medications and supplements.

Warnings With CBD Usage

You will find warnings on all medications about possible interactions. Your doctor will ask are you allergic to certain things when you are given medication. Taking to much of a good thing can be harmful and taking to much CBD is no exception to this. They are testing CBD for its use to enhance anti-biotics as it seems to boost the effectiveness of the antibiotic and thus you need less. They are also looking to CBD to help with the symptoms of Covid-19.

I personally, not the case for everyone, have come of sleepers and other medications due to taking CBD. Other people have reported a reduction in their medications and for many people, the reduction of synthetic medications is a great thing.  However,  you should always consult a doctor if in doubt as a reduction in your medication may not be the desired effect you need.

Interactions With  Pharmaceuticals

Over 50% of the pharmaceutical drugs we take are metabolised by the cytochrome P450 which is part of the liver enzymes.  CBD and other plants can interact with this process and temporally switch off the enzymes and this that alters how our body reacts. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on your situation and the desired effects you want to achieve.

There are so many factors when it comes to how the body breaks down items in the body that you would need a very good grasp of biochemistry to fully understand things. There is a range of things that occur and your body is usually doing one of two things. It is adding things to the ingested items to help get rid of it or adding things to the item to make it more bio-available to the body.  This involves using various molecular pathways along with a wide range of enzymes.

Cytochrome P450 Enzymes And CBD

This enzyme has a significant effect on the drugs we consume. When we add oxygen to a fire it gets stronger and burns faster. This principle applies here as the drugs we take are given an oxygen atom by our bodies. This makes the drug more water-soluble and easier for the body to use. In this state, the body can process it better and the kidney’s job of filtering it out is easier. When we drink alcohol this enzyme makes it more bioavailable and thus we can get process it better. However, we all know the end result when the kidneys are overloaded with this. We cannot filter it all out and as it is now more bioavailable to us it starts to interact with other areas of our body. Our perceptions and motor functions are not affected.

There is not enough research done in this area yet. Here is one study that I have seen that was carried out in May of 2019 that was looking at the cannabinoids and drug interactions. The liver converts the CBD we take into 7-OHCBD and 6-OHCBD and these are now known as CBD metabolites.

Metabolising CBD

CBD plays a huge role here as it acts like a bully. It can prevent cytochrome P450 from interacting with other medications or compounds. The effect this has on the body is linked to many factors such as –

  • The way the CBD is administrated via vaping, tincture, or capsule as each method enters and is absorbed differently.
  • The amount of CBD taken.
  • The form of CBD via Isolate, Full or Broad-spectrum as well as the quality of the CBD.
  • The client’s own genetics.

There set no set limit where you must stop taking CBD before it could have interaction in some way on our bodies. My wife has epilepsy and we have used CBD on many occasions for this. We both know that without it she would have had many more seizures. There are studies out there to show that it could help in this situation and show that it has no effect. However, there are many variations of epilepsy as there are medications and I found a study that showed CBD blocked the metabolism of an anti-epileptic drug.


There are many Pharmaceutical medications out there and not one size fits all. You will be given a drug depending on your history and on many occasions it is a case of trial and error. CBD like any medication or supplement can affect everyone differently.  This is just one of the reasons why you should know where your CBD comes from. I am not a doctor and CBD is not given to people to diagnose, treat, or cure and illness. This is why I ask so many questions when someone gets in touch with me about CBD. It is why you are encouraged to keep in touch with me and why low and slow is usually the way to go.

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