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Meditation Guide And Frequently Asked Questions

Mindfulness Meditation Routine And CBD Oil. Frequently asked questions about meditation and mindfulness.
Meditation Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Meditation?

Google this and you will get a variety of answers. However, the basics are the same in that it is a technique or practice that is done to allow the mind and body to get to and maintain its natural balance. People will carry out mindfulness practices or routines to achieve this. They can focus the mind on a particular thing such as your breath, an object, activity, or thought. You are training the mind to become aware and focus on one thing or task and to clear out or forget everything else.

If you stray away from this one task the idea is to catch yourself and return back to that task. The art of focusing on one thing and catching yourself when you are not is when the meditation occurs.

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

You will create a barrier to all the hectic things that are occurring in your life. You will stop the chemical Cortisol form building up ( Number one killer in the world ) and this will lead to a feeling of calmness. When you allow the mind to relax and you will be able to look at things that bother you from a distance with more clarity and insight. Other takes in your life will become easier as your focus and attention span increase.

You can slow down the wiring of negative thoughts and behaviors and rid yourself of self-doubt and sabotage. The list really is long and there really are no negatives. The emotional impact has a physical impact on your over health in terms of your immune response and your energy levels. It really is highly underrated and it only takes 10 minutes a day.

Is Meditation Not Just The Same As Relaxing?

As touched on above, no, as when you are relaxing your mind is not switched off. Your heart rate may lower but you are still thinking about other things. Right now while you are reading this you are thinking about other things like the stuff you want to do later. Reading a book is relaxing however you are still visualizing the story and emotions are still drawn up. It is like your body is relaxed but your soul and subconscious are still working. Meditation truly is full relaxation.

When Is The Best Time To Meditate?

Many people will say that morning is the best time due to the fact you are less stressed and there is less going on for you. This would be the case for many people. Others would say do it at night as you are more likely to have a better night’s sleep. I would suggest that the more advanced you get at it there is really no set time needed. You do what suits you and what works for is the times when I am actually stressed or tired.

It can be more challenging however it is what works for me. The point is there is no hard and fast rule and you should do what works for you. When you start the process you will see the benefits and you can start to play around with this and the variations there are with this practice.


Do I Have to Have My Eyes Closed?

When you start you should definitely start with your eyes closed. It can be more difficult to block out the visual stimulants that are in front of you. It is not uncommon for people to feel strange when they get into mediation. The body and mind are somewhat not used to this the feeling of this type of exercise. Opening your eyes to re-center and closing them again is normal. Some do meditate with their eyes open but they usually are advanced in the practice.

Do I have To Sit Up In The Yoga Type Posture?

No, you do not. Many sit on a chair or cushion. Some sit against a wall or ly down. Starting off you should do what is comfortable. Many use posture as a point of focus in conjunction with the breath.

Do I Have To Go To A Class Or Do I Need A Teacher?

No. The internet and Google are great. There is any amount of free meditation hints, tips, and guidance out there for FREE. A great source is YouTube where you can get Guided Meditation practices, which are very good places for beginners to start with. There are loads of benefits from getting advice from someone who has done it for a long time. Also, many people have reported that group meditation was always better for them as the energy was different. You will find what suits you.

What do I need to start meditating?

Time needed: 10 minutes.

The things I need to Meditate

  1. Time

    You need to set aside at least 10 minutes a day.

  2. An Area Or Space

    This area should be quiet and free from distraction. Not so cold or warm that it bothers you. Somewhere you could possibly dim the lighting.

  3. Equipment Essentials

    You need a chair, mat if on the floor or a bed. Something you can relax on that wont make the process you comfortable so you are not distracted and fidgeting.

  4. Other Essentials

    CBD Oils to help further relax you and enhance the experience. Earphones or speakers to play guided meditation.

  5. Patience and Consistency

    The benefits of meditation and mindfulness do not happen over night. You should be prepared to do these routines over a period of about 3 weeks to start getting and seeing the full benefits.

Do I have to play music during meditation?

No, however in time Mantras and other types of music are great aids to the meditation routines. They can add variation to your mindfulness routines to keep them fresh and exciting. We recommend at the start you try to meditate without music and concentrate on your breath as a point of focus or listen to your guide.

Do I have to make my mind go blank during the meditation?

No, and this is one of the biggest misconceptions about meditation. Thinking of nothing is hardly possible. Instead you try to maintain your mind to one single thought or mental activity. Allowing your brain, body and spirit to relax and slow down. Do not get frustrated when your mind drifts. The art or practice of refocusing is where the meditation occurs.

How do I learn to meditate?

As simple as this sounds you learn by doing. You are unique and there are many ways to meditate. Start off slow and concentrate on the basics such as the breath. Consistency and patience are the things that will help you the most. You just need the desire and a little guidance to start off.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Meditation
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