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Legal Drug Rooms

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Big Ben, London

Legal Drug Rooms are available on the British shores. Many times I have cursed the British for their policies as the lazy Irish Government always tended to just follow them. On more than one occasion these policies did not fit into our economy and structure. However, when it comes to the Cannabis and CBD Industry, for once I wish our politicians would take a look at what the UK is doing and implement this here.

As shown in another article below this one, the UK is the largest Cannabis exporter in the EU. They also have a relevant THC policy and although there are very relevant threats to the industry there, the policymakers recognize the huge benefits of CBD and Cannabis to the people of its nation in the treatment of many medical issues in the body and mind.

Legal Drug Rooms

The Rooms

These controversial rooms have been set up in Bristol and here the users side down within a room on their own and inject their drugs under supervision. They would be supplied with clean syringes with proper lighting with personal on hand to with overdoses should they occur.

Spain, Germany, and Denmark have many of these drug rooms and they seem to be very effective. There is less drug-related paraphernalia on the streets. Crime has dropped and the health services have reported a significant drop in admission for drug-related deaths and incidents in use.

Also in these services, there are counseling and other services available to help the addicts come off the drugs. These countries have reported a high success rate in people kicking the habit. The users are treated with compassion, understanding, and empathy instead of hatred and disgust. I know many out there may think that this is s stupid idea however as the saying goes “If its stupid and it works, then it isn’t stupid.

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