Largest Cannabis Oil Study


The USA is well ahead of the curve in terms of usage of the genus plant Cannabis. The ways in which Cannabis and Hemp are produced and used in the USA is vast. Every state has its own laws around the industry, however, there is no going back and it continues to progress at all levels. I have received many messages about why I keep looking at Cannabis even though I distribute CBD products. This study will help clear up this and many more questions. The CBD industry is tied to the Cannabis industry in more ways than people realize or understand.

Who Is Studying What?

Charles R. Broderick studied at Harvard and MIT and is investing $9 million. This will be given to Harvard Medical School and MITs School of Science through the McGovern Institute for Brain Research there. This was first reported on 06 May 2019. Bruce Bean and Wade Regehr at HMS will use $4.5 million to look at cannabinoids and how they are effective as a whole and on their own on the human body. The study will also look at many areas and try to establish what cannabinoids work best in the treatment of certain conditions. They will endeavor to establish if Whole Plant (Full Spectrum) or various Isolates in certain forms should be used.

The Stigma On Cannabis & Hemp Oil

There are plenty of correlation studies carried out around the world. Millions of people also advocate for the use of Cannabis and CBD Oil. Due to the many laws and regulations placed upon the Genus plant ( Particularly the cannabinoid THC ) studies that lawmakers and doctors can use are to and far between. The general population still believes the propaganda thrown at them by big Pharma and other interest groups. These organizations don’t want alternatives to their money cash cows being explored. For those critical thinkers, these studies will cement what we already know about CBD and Cannabis as a means of treatment for many issues.

CBD Oil – Hemp Oil – Cannabis Entourage Effect.

Terms like the Entourage effect are well known in the industries. As touched on above the science behind these statements could not be proven. CBD products like Prime Spectrum CBD have a full range of cannabinoids and Terpenes. These are seen to work better together than alone as Isolates. Having Placebo based studies to show this will be significant especially in terms of future laws and regulations.

Hemp – CBD – Cannabis Oils As Isolates

In terms of taking these items as a whole, it may be also beatifically to take cannabinoids in isolation. Taking them as a certain group of isolates could also be more effective. CBD Oil and Cannabis is being looked at in conjunction with antibiotics as they appear to be helping. It is never a good idea to take substances you do not need. Clarifying what works best will help further the efficiency of treatments. It will also save money and provide policymakers and regulators with sufficient evidence they cannot ignore. Big Pharma will finally have to admit what many of us already know. The smearing of the Genus plant will no longer stick. The findings will allow people a more natural and viable means of treating their physical and mental issues.

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Does CBD Oil – Hemp Oil work?

We all were born with and have an Endocannabinoid System and our bodies produce its own cannabinoids. These are facts and there is plenty of science to prove this. The fact that we also have found a natural plant – CANNABIS PLANT – that produces other cannabinoids and terpenes and this helps boost the cannabinoids and system we already have, shows us that CBD Oil and Hemp Oil could have a positive effect on our mental and physical health.

Does Hemp Oil contain CBD?

Hemp Oil is often used in the same manner as CBD Oil. This more often than not contains the Cannabinoid, CBD. Hemp SEED Oil is very different and USUALLY contains NO CBD. These play on words is often used to try and fool customers and sometimes as a means of advertising. You should always look for the laboratory reports that will always be present with a high-quality brand, Prime Spectrum CBD, to prove the presence of CBD and other necessary substances.

Is CBD Oil legal Ireland?

CBD is legal in Ireland, however, there are many CBD brands in Ireland and many are not as advertised. Not all CBD is created equal and as of MAY 2019, any CBD product that has ANY trace of THC is deemed illegal and should not be sold on the market. Legal CBD products must be registered with the FSAI. Products with THC fall under HPRA and are classed as medical cannabis and you need a special license to supply these products.

Can you get Medical Cannabis In Ireland?

There is a 5-year pilot program that started in Ireland in 2019 where Medical Cannabis can be obtained legally if certain circumstances are met. These are very strict, however, exceptions have been made. You can find out more about this and how to apply bu clicking HERE.

Largest Cannabis Oil Study
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Largest Cannabis Oil Study
Here you will learn how a $9 million scientific study on the Genus plant, Cannabis, can help improve the Cannabis and CBD Oil industry in Ireland and around the world.
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