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Is CBD Legal In Ireland?

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Is CBD Legal In Ireland. What about Marijuana and Cannabis, are they Legal In Ireland?

There are some strict conditions on CBD to qualify it as being legal. Knowing this will be extremely helpful to you as it can help you distinguish the many aspects of the Cannabis market.  CBD is an extremely complicated area. There is a lot of stigma towards Hemp.  It is referenced as Cannabis / Marijuana a lot. These two words give images of the “Hippy Scene” and phrases like “Stoned” which is not very good for the CBD industry. It is an uphill battle to try and show people that Hemp, although being a part of the same family as Cannabis, is different. It may be hard for people to understand if CBD is legal in Ireland.

There is a huge demand for CBD at present and this is only going to increase as the population sees how beneficial Hemp is to their overall health. The same can be said for Cannabis but this is a talk for another day.

Cannabis and Hemp In Ireland

Right now, the only thing stopping the growth in the Cannabis industry is the shifting legalities and branches of the government that do not understand the industry or the plant itself. Many people don’t know if CBD is legal in Ireland. The consumer gets so many mixed messages from the authorities and suppliers it can be hard to know where you stand.

Marijuana is a plant whose scientific name is Cannabis Sativa. Its leaves, seeds, stems, and/or roots are consumed by marijuana users for the purpose of feeling high. Many other people use it for its health benefits. You would also be forgiven for thinking that Cannabis / Marijuana are two different substances.

Lets Start

We will start by looking at the differences between some Cannabis types. This will help us to see if CBD Oil is legal. If you can get this right maybe you can help with the Stigma that is out there and most importantly, knowing this will be extremely helpful to you when it comes to you picking and using products.

The Difference Between Marijuana And Cannabis

When people speak about Marijuana there are speaking about Cannabis which is a flowering plant that other family plants are similar to. Let’s look at these two words as being the same thing however, you need to understand that although Marijuana / Cannabis can be classed as the same thing, there are many variations of the plant. To explain this further, another example of this would be “Fruits”. Apples and Oranges. These are fruits, yet they are different. They look, taste and all grow differently. “Roses” are a flower but there are 100s of various types and all named differently with different colors and qualities.

The same can be said of Cannabis. So let’s hope that this takes away some of the stigma or confusion as you now realize that Cannabis is not just one plant. Not all are equal and each one is not going to get you high or fail a drug test. On a side note, ask yourself why Cannabis is placed in this box of being this nasty thing? That’s another story!

There Are 3 Types Of Cannabis Plants For Reference

(Sativa Indica Ruderalis. All are Cannabis but different)

(Apples Oranges Bananas. All are Fruits but different)

Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants. Simply put it is a group of plants that has more than one species that are closely related in their characteristics. We will be looking at and referring to the following in the cannabis family.

You can see there are the 3 types of cannabis plants. They are similar in many ways but as you can see they look different and some other factors make each one stand out in its own way.

The differences between the above 3 are important when it comes to the production of products from the types listed above. The same can be said for Hemp. It does matter what type of Hemp is used and where your Hemp comes from. It matters a lot.

Sativa Or Industrial Hemp In Ireland

Cannabis That Could Be In Ireland

Sativa or Industrial Hemp is much taller than the others referenced.  It also has fewer leaves and flowers. Right now it is the only type of Hemp allowed to be grown in the EU. The fact it has fewer flowers and leaves matters too.

It is usually planted in large open fields in tight formations in Ireland. There are more fibers than the other variations and contains fewer Cannabinoids and Terpenes than other forms. This is due to its makeup and when you see its long stem and the fact it grows less foliage you can understand why as the majority of CBD is found in the flowers and leaves. There is some in the stem but not in significant amounts. This type of plant also takes twice as long to grow. The low Cannabinoid and Terpene profile, in comparison to PCR hemp, is one of the reasons why our products don’t come from this type of Sativa Hemp. It should be noted that Hemp farmers In Ireland would love to be able to be more diverse. If they could grow and extract using industry norms, they would.

Hemp Companies and Sativa In Ireland

Some companies use Sativa to make Full Spectrum products however, I found that if they have a choice I think they would not. If someone is claiming a High-End Premium profile, this type of Cannabis may not be the way to go. To me, it makes no sense to use a Cannabinoid deficient source to create a Full/Broad Spectrum product of good quality specifications if there is a better variation. Using Sativa wouldn’t be such an issue if the weather conditions in Ireland suited Cannabis growth. They grow it, however, it’s not ideal. I would not be as blunt about Sativa if it was grown indoors in controlled conditions in Ireland or the majority of the EU.

If you are going to the expense to produce this type of product you would use a plant that is cannabinoid-rich via Indica or hybrid strains. These types cannot be grown legally in the EU to date. I am not saying that the Full or Broad-spectrum products made from Sativa are not of good quality, as there are many that are. The point is in my opinion if you could use other strains, you could and they could be grown better.

Full Spectrum CBD Products In Ireland

You will see suppliers claim a Full Spectrum in Ireland. This is impossible now as THC is now illegal in Ireland since May 2019. Some may dispute this but if you wish to be Full Spectrum, in my opinion, you should have everything. All the Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and  Flavonoids, etc. When you are missing one or more then you simply are not “FULL Spectrum” and you are “Broad Spectrum”. THC, by law, should be missing from all CBD products in Ireland. If a supplier is claiming Full Spectrum they are either misleading the consumer or breaking the law in Ireland.

If you wish to find out if a company is supplying what they are claiming you should request a copy of their most recent laboratory reports and you will see the relevant results. You may hear excuses like “It costs too much to do the tests”.  If you do hear this or other excuses, my advice is to avoid the supplier. No company is going to invest in the large sums to produce a High-End product and then not test to see if they succeeded in doing it. If they do succeed you can be sure they will let you know. So when I hear the excuses and you hear them, call “BULL” straight away.

Indica in Ireland

Indica is a smaller plant with much more foliage and more flowers.  It has a stronger Cannabinoid and Terpene profile and generally grown in pots or plots where it has plenty of room to grow. It would not grow well in large fields tightly packed together like Sativa as it is not in its makeup to grow tall to get to the sun. The plant needs more room and wants to grow outwards in comparison. It also has fewer fibers.

Below you can see a typical Indica growing site. This one is indoors. Many can be outside or in greenhouses. This picture below is the ideal setting as temperature and other factors can be controlled. You can also see the leaf and how different it is to the Sativa plant. Indica has broader, thicker leaves but there are fewer and Sativa has thinner leaves.

Ruderalis In Ireland

Depending on who you talk to, Ruderalis is either its own plant or a strain of the Sativa plant. This plant is much smaller than both of the other types discussed. It is a hybrid plant to mix other strains. There is less foliage and grows quicker than both of the other two strains spoken about here. It is unique in the sense that it will usually flower at a certain age and not concerning the lighting cycle. The leaves here are different. They are smaller and more serrated than the other two types discussed. I am on the side of the fence where it is a separate plant.

The difference between Hemp and Cannabis / Marijuana must be really hard to define? Which of them is legal in Ireland? Well, it is actually pretty easy to determine. Hemp and Cannabis / Marijuana have many things in common. Cannabinoids and Terpenes being two of them. We will just look at some of the Cannabinoids for now. This is what makes Hemp and Marijuana different. This is what decides if CBD or Cannabis is legal in Ireland or not.

They both have a Cannabinoid profile. CBD which is short for Cannabidiol is just one Cannabinoid. Again, depending on where you reference there is anything between 85 to 120 odd of them. This type of profile is what you should see on all laboratory reports. If you cannot get laboratory reports from your supplier, I wouldn’t recommend you purchase the product. When you look at the reports you should see CBD there in high quantities. You should usually see other Cannabinoids too otherwise you are probably looking at an Isolate.


The above are some common cannabinoids you may see. I have no doubt in a while the industry will push CBG and other Cannabinoids as the game-changer. They did this with CBD Isolated. I feel, the closer you are to the Entourage Effect, the more beneficial the product will be.

Tetrahydrocannabinol In Ireland

Tetra-Hydro-Can-na-bin-ol or THC is the Cannabinoid that causes all the fuss. This is the most controversial of all the Cannabinoids due to the fact it is the cannabinoid that it’s the principal psychoactive part of the Cannabis plant. This cannabinoid is the reference to the difference between the two plants and this Cannabinoid decides whether a plant is Hemp or Cannabis and whether it is legal or not. Yes, it can be that simple in this case.

THC Levels In Ireland

Outside the EU Hemp is classed at THC levels of 0.3% and inside it used to be set at 0.2%. Anything above these levels than the product or pant is classified as being Cannabis or Marijuana.  0.2% is the levels of THC that is allowed in the plants or seeds. Not in the CBD product. This is where the grey area occurs in the legislation. The government has defined that you can grow hemp with this level of THC but the FSAI (Government Branch) has defined you cannot have the product CBD with any trace of THC in it. Yes, you may have to read that again.

So, is CBD Oil legal with THC in it? As of MAY 2019, any product that has any trace of THC in it is deemed illegal under the “Miss Use Of Drugs Act”. So the answer is no. A product that has any THC in it is deemed Cannabis / Marijuana and is illegal.

THC Levels In Ireland Equal To Legal CBD

These numbers are important if you are to avoid trouble with the authorities or if you wish to run a CBD business. Importers need to be aware that even levels as low as .001% THC is illegal. To make your CBD product legal in Ireland, this must be adhered to. No trace of THC can be found. This is another reason to make sure your supplier has laboratory reports if you are wishing to be in this business.

Our products have ZERO THC in them. There is never any risk of the above ever occurring. If you Wholesale, Private, or Affiliate with us you have no fear as we are registered with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. We always have up to date laboratory reports available for all to see. I do think that in time the THC levels will be permitted to .3% THC and that this will be the basis for the CBD market. There will be a Cannabis / Marijuana market but that’s a different story.


Is CBD Legal In Ireland?

CBD is legal in Ireland if it meets the FSAI guidelines and it contains no traces of THC. The EU law of 0.2% THC in Hemp does not translate to CBD.

How do I know if the CBD I am looking at to buy is legal?

Every CBD company in Ireland has to be registered with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland in order to sell CBD products for human consumption. CBD companies have to be registered with Revenue and comply with all other rules and regulations set by the state. If your supplier cannot register with these authorities you should be looking at why. Not being able to comply with the basic standards of Food Safety is a huge issue as you will be consuming these products. Cheap usually means fake and ask yourself why wouldn’t a supplier of CBD make themselves legal if their products are legal.

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