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Is Benzodiazepine A Safe Medication

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Is Benzodiazepine A Safe Medication

Jordan Peterson is someone I have been following for a while. He is a very interesting person and I would have never suspected that he was got in this trap. I was prescribed “Clonazepam” and it was something I was very reluctant to go on. After all, it was a medication that had got me in the position I was in. I didn’t see how more of it in a different format could make me feel better.

I was in such a hole that after a while I was willing to try anything and so I started the medication. Whilst I was taking this, and other things, I started to research natural ways of trying to drag myself out of this pit. I was going around numb to everything. and I wasn’t happy or sad, I just was. I found myself, for some reason, wanting to take more of what I was prescribed. This didn’t feel normal and I knew I needed to change this. I started to research-

  • Cortisol – Stress Hormone
  • Serotonin- Mood Hormone
  • Melatonin – Sleep Hormone
  • Clonazepam – Benzodiazepine

These were the main issues my mind and body were dealing with. I quickly discovered some very interesting things and I was struggling to believe what I was reading. It seemed to be the opposite of what I was being told by the professionals. The more I researched the more I was asking, “Why the heck have I been prescribed these medications?”

Medication And CBD

I spoke to the doctors who prescribed me these and he did not want me to come off these medications. My counsellor was reluctant too. In the end, I went with what I had researched and my gut. Against advice, I slowly pulled back from the Clonazepam and the other meds. This was done In a very controlled manner and I countered the withdraws as best I could.

I took more CBD in various formats –

  • Vaping to get the instant hit when I needed it if the feeling became overwhelming.
  • Capsules as they absorbed differently and helped keep my CBD and Terpene profile high and level.
  • Oils as they were absorbed quicker and helped maintain the levels I required.

Mindfulness Routines

I kept up my counseling and I learned some very important things about myself and along with different, more positive ways, of dealing with issues. The exercise was started up again and I concentrated on my diet and hydration. I took up more mindfulness routines such as Reiki and meditation. All of these things helped, especially the CBD, really changed my life around. When I returned for a review I explained what I had done. He was not impressed although he couldn’t argue with the results. Over 8 weeks I had come off all the medications apart from the serotonin blockers, but, with these, I had lowered them by 100mgs.

When I saw what Jordan was going through it brought back a lot of horrible memories. It hammered home to me that although medication has its place it is not always the way to go. We should question our GPS more as all too often a pill is the first thing that is given. His symptoms and feelings were so familiar to me. If we are in a position, we should take responsibility and work hard on ourselves as popping pills is not always the way forward and if possible we should never let things get this far. Looking after your mental health is so productive and when done as part of your daily routine it really does lead to less illness pain and suffering.

Have a watch and feel free to share. It could help someone.

Is Benzodiazepine A Safe Medication

Benzodiazepine And Other Issues

Benzodiazepine is discussed here along with many other issues and in the video that is here, you can find links to many other issues that are mentioned here. You can check them out below the video on You-tube. If you have been affected by this or have any questions you should seek medical advice. It is not being suggested that you come off any medications prescribed to you.

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