Irish Defence Forces Discount

An Irish Defence Forces Discount is available to anyone who is a member of the Irish Forces or is retired. At the time of writing this, I will have been in the DF for 20 years. I know what it is like in the organisation in terms of pay and I would like to help the members of the Irish Defence Forces, present and past.

I am also shocked at the amount of DF personal from all ranks who are under so much stress and anxiety which is leading to issues with sleep and other mental health issues such as depression. DF personal are holding it together at work and getting on with the job but at a great cost to their health. The DF mental health facilities, in my opinion, are extremely poor at many levels and to date, I have seen very little improvements in this area.

Private Health Care

This is forcing many members to avail of private means and they also seek this path due to restrictions that could be placed upon them. They can not afford to risk their promotion chances by letting the DF know they are having mental health problems. They can’t risk being taken off their duty or overseas panels and there was a risk of being downgraded straight away, however, I have been informed that this is no longer the practice.

Due to the stigma and other issues members can feel it is necessary not to let their employer know they have mental health issues. From experience, this approach can have positive and negative consequences. I have held back from telling the Defence Forces for several years about my issues and this only compounded the problems for me. 


I know how CBD has helped me and how it has helped the many Defence Forces personnel who contacted me. This is why I am offering this discount to the Irish Defence Force members. The following are true statements about CBD products I supply:

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Irish Defence Forces Discount