How Much CBD Do I Take?


Correct CBD Dosage

So, how much CBD Oil should I take? I wish it was as simple as saying take x y z. We have always stated that finding your CBD Dosage is the second most important thing when it comes to taking CBD Oil or CBD products. The first thing would be finding a strain or brand that suits you. Once you have done this you need to be able to find a therapeutic dose that suits you otherwise you will simply be wasting your money. Each CBD product on the market, by law, has to have a “Suggested Dose” on the packaging. However, this is a suggestion and it will not work for all concerned. It rarely will.

We have found that some suppliers will ask you to take a large quantity of CBD. This ensures you may get the required result you are after and it also ensures you come back for more of the product quicker. Our intention has always been for our clients to use just enough so they get the desired effect and the products last as long as possible. This saves you your hard-earned cash. When you think about it, it’s a win-win. You get a product that works for you and last as long as possible and we get a client that is happy and will return. So before we jump into it, let’s just cover some of the basics.

200mg CBD Oil Bottle with Pipette Outside
Real CBD Oil

Be Patient With CBD

Let us get the law out of the way –

CBD is sold as a food supplement. This article and the diagrams in this article are in no way intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition. You should always consult your doctor before using CBD. 

Speaking of doctors, if you went to one sick he may give you some medicine or an antibiotic to take. You will be asked to take a certain amount or MG of the item at certain intervals throughout the day. This is to ensure your body gets enough of what’s needed to get you back to health. We would suggest to you that CBD should be taken the same way. Just like each person may be given a different plan due to their age, weight, and circumstances, we would do the same with you. We are all unique and everyone’s therapeutic dose is unique to them.

How much CBD should I take?

CBD Oil Quality

There are various brands on the market and product choice matters. Sativa is the main source of Hemp used in the Irish market to make CBD Oil products. You may think that if the majority of the products are made from Sativa then all products are the same. However, this is not the case. The conditions the plant was grown under and the way it was manufactured has a massive impact on the quality of the end product.

Many would notice that from batch to batch they may need to take more or less of a product. This is down to those stated factors. Due to these reasons and others, this is why we have avoided Sativa Hemp from the Irish and EU markets. We PCR Hemp that is grown under stricter conditions. We use GPM approved facilities which lead to a consistent product. What you buy from Prime Spectrum CBD one month will look, taste and do exactly what it did the following month.

How much CBD should I take?

CBD Dosage Guide

This is just that. It is a guide. We have clients who only need a few drops a day and we have clients who need 20 drops a day or more. This is due to the factors that are mentioned above as well as the individual’s Endocannabinoid system.

Some peoples system is sensitive and in others, it is not. There is also research being carried out on the failure / faulty of the endocannabinoid system in people. This fault in this system could lead to numerous poor health conditions. You can look at the Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD) article here and you can read about the Endocannabinoid system here.

Let us help you use our products. If you buy from us. Ask us – 0863114395

The Sweet Spot With CBD Oil

How Much CBD Do I take? When you buy your products you are encouraged to speak to us so we can work out the starting dose. Then you are encouraged to stay in touch with us every 3 to 4 days. This is so we can find the sweet spot which is a therapeutic dose that works for you but makes sure you are not wasting the product. Less is more. Your body can only use so much of one thing at a time.

If you found your therapeutic dose of say 90 mg, there is no point in taking 90mgs in one dose. Too much CBD means your body will use what it can and get rid of the rest via urination and defecation. So don’t waste your money or the product. This is why we ask you to split to the dose up over 2 to 4 treatments depending on your personal circumstances. Some suppliers will have you take large quantities at a time. Yes, you will get the effect you desire however your body is not using all that you are giving it and you are also placing your liver and system under stress as it gets rid of the excess product.

Percentage or Mgs With CBD Oil

Many CBD companies, in my opinion, get their labelling wrong when it comes to the description of their products. They use “Percentages %” to describe the content or strength of the product. This is misleading for one and makes it more difficult for the client to work out how much CBD is in one drop or the product itself.

They take this option as it is more advertising friendly. More people can relate to % than mg.

If something is 20% strength CBD then what is the other 80% made up of?

I would not ask a customer to take 0.4% CBD!

Mg is also used for dosage and not percentages.

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How Much CBD do I take?

Working Out The Correct MG Of CBD Oil

Here is how you work out the MGS of CBD you have taken during the day. This method is a guide. To give you an average dosage per day. This method is not am exact science.

1-You, find out the MG of the bottle you have. A good company will state this on the front via 500mg or 1000mg etc and you will not see percentages anywhere.

2-You then find out how many MLS of that you have. This is the volume of CBD you have. It should be clearly labeled on the front of the bottle and is usually from 10ml-20ml- to 30ml. There are other variations.

3-So if we have a 1000mg bottle in 30mls we divide 30 into 1000 to get 33.33mg. We now know that for every ml dropper we fill up, and if we take this 1ml dropper, we are getting 33.3mg of CBD.

4-To further break this down, as we may be only taking 7 drops, we can then divide this number by 20. 20 being the average drops that would be in a full 1ml. This would give us 1.7mg and we can then multiply this by the number of drops we are taking at one time. If we are taking 7 drops we simply multiply this by 7 to get 11.9. This 11.9 is the average mg of CBD we are taking in that dose.

This important as we can now work out how much we are taking during the day. If we took this 7 drops dose 3 times a day we would be taking 35.7mg of CBD a day. There is a little handy picture for our 500mg and 1000mg bottles above that can work this out for you. You should remember that other factors do affect how much CBD you will need to take for the product to give you the desired effect as stated above in this article.

The Bio-availability Of CBD Oil

Bio-availability of the product matters. This means how easy it is for your body to access the substance given and how easily it can use/absorb this into the system without wastage. In a poor product, you could be taking 30mg of CBD but your body might only be able to access 10 to 15mg. This is due to how the product was manufactured and the size of the molecules in the product.

The better the standard of the product the less you should take and the more money you will save. Very often people buy cheap CBD and have to use lots of it. They may get the results they need but they are losing money long term and causing stress to the liver and the system as the body needs to extract what it cant use. Also, poorly manufactured products will have a horrible bitter taste.

How Do I Take CBD Oil?

People often get confused between a “Dropper” and a “Drop”.This will be explained in the following video below. It will be very rare for us at Prime Spectrum to ask you to take a FULL “DROPPER” or pipette of our real CBD Oil. We prefer for you to take a certain number of “DROPS” using the required strength of CBD Oil that suits your needs. This ensures the products last as long as possible which saves you money.

It also means the bio-availability of the product is increased. Using too much CBD Oil may give you the desired effects you are after however, this can place unnecessary pressure on your liver and other organs, compound dehydration, and add more stress to you and your body. Not to mention the fact you have to return for more product sooner rather than later.

Let us help you pick products to suit your needs. If you are using CBD, know your dose and make sure you are getting value for your money as well as all the benefits CBD has to offer.

How DO I Take CBD Oil?

CBD Oil Dosage Conclusion

We can’t stress enough how important it is to find your own personal therapeutic dose. Everyone is different. Would you take 1 paracetamol for a headache if 2 was needed for the headache to go away?

Why take 50mgs of CBD if you need 70mgs a day to get the desired effect. We have helped so many customers use other brands as they report it’s not working.  If they still have the product there we will help them find their therapeutic dose with that brand.

When they inform us that a particular brand of CBD does not work for them, the first question we ask, is

“Do you know your therapeutic dose you are taking now?

Many do not and this is the main reason that CBD does not work. Obviously, we want you to use our brand but it is more important for us that you see CBD as an effective alternative so the Hemp and Cannabis industry can grow and thrive. You should never be afraid to stay in touch with us and ask about the product(s) you have purchased

With us, you are paying for a service as well as a product.

Other CBD Oil Frequently asked questions are HERE

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How Much CBD Oil DO I take?
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How Much CBD Oil DO I take?
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