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Hemp Products For Farming

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Cows on farm

Hemp Products For Farming. We can see massive benefits to the Irish economy for the use of Hemp products. We are not talking about Hemp Oil that contains CBD and is already generating revenue. Hemp has a massive variety of uses and is a source of a whole new and profitable industry. Items like concrete, glass, shoes, clothing, bedding for animals to feed for the farming sector, and these are just a select few. The problem is the lack of infrastructure, the ignorance of the Irish Government, the biased and restrictive laws.

Many of these laws and regulations are outdated their foundations are based on misinformation and corruption. The Novel Food Act is a classic example of this ignorance as they continue to push that Cannabis / Hemp has not been around for thousands of years and CBD has never been used before 1997.

Organic Hemp And CO2

Prime Spectrum has help CBD companies get to the market legally to set up CBD Oil brands. We have had enquires from farmers and other parties who wish to grow hemp on their land. As discussed HERE, for those that want to reduce our CO2 emissions, Hemp can have a massive impact. There seems to be nothing but positive outcomes and spin-off to growing Hemp in Ireland. Growing hemp would be extremely beneficial to the Irish climate. The states likely fines that are due from failure to meet EU CO2 emission could be reduced and all while developing a new industry. Indeed the herd could remain the same as it which would be great news for farmers.

Organic Hemp – CBD Oil And Our Pets

There are many people who use Prime Spectrum CBD products for their pets already. We sell our items to Cats, Dogs, and Horse owners. This is a massive industry in other parts of the world as many people treat their pets with the same respect as humans. They are also finding trips to the vets less frequent and happier pets.

Organic Hemp Feed For Farmers

In many parts of the world, and in particular the USA, the farming community is turning to hemp to make their livestock healthier. Better coats, a healthier look, and weight equal more profit to the farmer. When I am asked how growing hemp could benefit farming I state having hemp seed for the farming industry could work as well. Other ways farmers could benefit from growing hemp-

  • Bedding for various industries like horses.
  • Supplying other Irish Hemp companies hemp to make CBD Oils.
  • Giving other farming hemp seeds or hemp pelleted

The cannabinoid profile could help with the animal’s overall health and reduce the need for vets and antibiotic intervention. They are also finding that adding as little as 10% of this pelletized hemp feed to their cattle and pigs they are getting up to 10% to 20% better prices at auctions. That’s a significant return for this investment. Something Irish farmers would not take lightly.

Conclusion for Hemp and Farming In Ireland

How do you grow Hemp in Ireland?

Irish laws state that Hemp is classed as a controlled drug. This is due to the THC element in the plant. Currently, this is set at 0.2% and anything over this when growing is declared hot and will be destroyed. A licence is needed from HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority) before you can start to grow your hemp. Applying through HPRA is the only way to obtain this license.

Is Hemp Legal?

Cannabis and Hemp are very similar and the main difference between them is the THC content. Sativa or Industrial Hemp is the legal strain of Hemp that can be grown in Ireland and the EU. As long as the THC level remains at or below 0.2% it will remain legal. If the reading goes above 0.2% (Ireland) it is now deemed to be Cannabis and subject to the misuse of drugs act 1997 and the crop will be destroyed.

What conditions does Hemp grow in?

The way you grow your hemp should be dictated by the way the hemp will be used when it has matured. Hemp likes a mild climate that has a humid atmosphere and a rainfall of at least 25-30 inches per year. Soil is a huge factor in seed germination. If the Hemp is being used for human consumption via CBD products then stricter conditions are needed to maintain the cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Also, Hemp is a very powerful weed suppressor

Is growing Hemp worth it in Ireland?

There is no real true way to answer this until you find who you will sell your Hemp to at the end. We have a few viable suggestions here for the Irish market. In order, to see what you could possibly get from this you need to look at other markets like the USA. Hemp grain here can sell for around €0.50 per pound and you will get about 1000lbs of hemp grain per acre. Not including start-up costs and after expenses of around €300 per acre, a farmer could make €250 per ton.

With cows becoming a hot topic of debate and the reductions of herds being looked at the Hemp Industry could be the way to go. The cow’s emissions would be offset by the hemp growth and giving them this feed as a supplement can increase their price at the market. The government gets more revenue from a new industry, jobs are created and our EU CO2 goals are met. A win, win for all concerned in my opinion.

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