Golf In Ireland And CBD

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Karl Mc Cormak Golf And CBD

The game of golf in Ireland is not a small thing. We have over 418 golf affiliated clubs in Ireland and over 150 thousand golf club members. With around 19 thousand being juniors I don’t think this sport is going anywhere. I am sure these numbers may have been affected by Covid-19 however with issues like sleep, stress, and anxiety on the rise sports like Golf are sure to get popular as people look to relieve these issues. Can CBD help with your golf game? Well, let’s find out.

The Oldest Golf Course In Ireland

The oldest Golf club in Ireland is The Royal Curragh Golf Club. The course has been completely revamped and is now a challenging heathland course of 6,585 yards. It was first played on in 1852 and was located beside the army barracks that were built by the British Empire, which is now called the Defence Forces Training Centre.

Golfers Taking CBD Oil

Understand Why CBD Could Help My Golf Game

Before we answer if CBD could help your Golf game it might be good to know a little bit about CBD and how it works with your body. CBD stands for “Cannabidiol” –  Can-na-bid-i-ol. This is just one item or cannabinoid that is found in large quantities in the Cannabis or Hemp plant. Most CBD oil in Ireland comes from industrial hemp rather than psychoactive marijuana strains.

Prime Spectrums products come from PCR Hemp which is better of hemp. The cannabinoid CBD has been scientifically proven to have many benefits to the human body. This compound, along with other highly beneficial compounds, can be found in the Prime Spectrums CBD products and they work with a system many are not aware of. This system is called the Endocannabinoid system and just like our digestive system or cardiovascular system, it is something we cannot live without.

It can be very hard to shake off the Stigma of Cannabis and showing people that although Hemp is a variety of Cannabis it is different. This industry is also up against other big industries like the pharmaceutical who on one hand portray CBD as being a snake oil and on the other peruse there own products using CBD as its main ingredient.

We have spoken about the above in greater detail in other posts. If you wish to discover the science and bio-chemistry behind CBD and how it works with the body you could use the following links-

Unfortunately, many innovations that can have a benefit to us are embraced in Ireland when the rest of the world has them well established already. I can assure you that CBD will be one of those things that is not going away. If you have read any of those links above you will notice that CBD is its own worst enemy and it has many asking how one item could do so much.

The body produces its own cannabinoids ( Anamdimide and 2AG) and the endocannabinoid system is an integral part of our overall health with receptors for CBD located all over the body. Due to this fact, CBD can have many benefits in a lot of areas. The USA has embraced CBD Oil / Hemp Oil for a long time. In fact, there are many sports in the USA that allow the use of CBD products as long as they are to the standards laid down by the authorities.

MMA fighters and American football players have openly used CBD products. CBD is being embraced by professionals all around the world in various fields. It seems the people who are surprised about this are the ones that still think CBD is snake oil and the Genus plant Cannabis is only good for getting you high.

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Real CBD Oil In Ireland

Top 5 Ways CBD Helps Your Golf Game

There can be no denying that golf is a physical sport and requires a lot of mental focus and strength. Many would argue that the mental side of the game is more draining than the physical. A round of golf requires the golfer to stay at a high level of focus for a long period. Maintaining the chemical and hormonal balances within the body takes its toll especially over a number of days during an event. The back 9 and or the last day of an event is when the cream usually rises to the top. Here are just some ways CBD can improve your Golf game and your overall health.

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Sleep And CBD


Pre-event it can be hard to get asleep. You could be thinking about the course and be nervous about the unknown events of the round that’s to come. Anxiety and stress can block the melatonin in the brain and literally stop you from falling asleep as the cortisol blocks the body’s natural process from occurring.

The same can be said during the game as you replay bad decisions and poor shots in your head. It can be hard to let things go and CBD can help with your mental game here and could act as a natural sleep aid. Taken CBD effectively can help you doze off more easily and keep you asleep when you do drift off.

We all know how we feel after a great night’s sleep. Our patience, pain tolerance, focus, memory anxiety, and general well being is significantly improved. This part of your game has more impact than people realise. Now, who doesn’t want some of this in their Golf game? Check out this link on all things sleep and CBD.

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Anxiety and Stress

The ability to handle these two items heavily impacts your game. Whether it is forgetting about the last shot or getting yourself ready to take that key putt CBD could help. Keeping your heart rate and blood pressure on point during your game keeps you clam.

Being able to read the green or pick a club without the distraction of anxiety and stress really improves your chances of making the right decision when it matters. Without these issues, you can enjoy the game more which increases your serotonin which improves your game and the positive cycle continues.

You then sleep better due to the low cortisol levels and now you have less anxiety and stress. It all ties in with your overall preparations and your chances of being successful. Check out these links for lots more on anxiety and stress and how they affect you.

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Pain and inflammation

Whatever sport your play whether it is for fun or as a career, it is highly unlikely that you be able to avoid injuries. We all have heard the phrase that prevention is better than cure. The above two points play a role in this prevention and again you can see how all these things are tieing in together.

A round of golf can cause significant inflammation and many golfers use massage therapy and saunas to reduce this. Nutrition also plays a role in avoiding arthritic inflammation, back pain or neck pain.

4 hours of golf is tough and making sure cell damage is kept to a minimum and the joints and muscles stay loose are very important. CBD naturally suppresses inflammation and you can tackle these issues from the outside in and the inside out. Keeping your inflammation low equals fewer injuries and a smoother game and yet again tieing into the previous points.

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Focus, Mood, And Energy

The above points tie into these next ones and if any of them are off you will find it hard to be in the moment. This is a key component of a well-rounded golfer. If your mind is elsewhere you will pull shots and outside distractions can eat away at your performance.

It only takes a fraction of a second to end up hitting that ball at the wrong angle or strength. Keeping your energy levels on point links into mood and focus. Keeping that muscle memory at 100% during your swing each and every time is a key part of a successful round. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

CBD can help keep your appetite under control and maintain your focus and mood. Avoiding the slump during the last 9 holes has proven to be a winning formula and a sigh of a well-rounded golfer.

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This sometimes avoidable situation can have a massive impact on your swing and your game. Whether it is on your feet or your hands this can have an impact on your focus and scorecard. CBD can help you avoid this and if it does occur help it to heal much faster.

The Professional Golf Players And CBD

Billy Horschel And CBD Oil

Billy Horschel went six months without a top-eight finish in 2019. He was struggling and then he came across CBD Oil. After he didn’t qualify for the British Open in July 2019 he looked at his preparation and how he could improve his game. His improvements were a combination of factors however he states that CBD played a massive role in his marked performances.

There’s still not enough correct information out there, but that weed-smoking image that is out there just because people haven’t had the correct information is being torn down. Billy Horschel tweeted,

‘It allows you to recover better and get over aches in a more natural way. There is only one treatment for aches and pains that’s better, Horschel said, and that’s the one that has been forced on all the players during the past two months: rest.”

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Following the re-evaluation of his game and the implementation of CBD Oil into his preparations, he left behind the recent failings and proceeded to four top-eight finishes in the following. Before the season was suspended in March Horschel was playing some of the most consistent golf he had ever played.

He was using CBD Oil in balm form to aid with his muscle and joint pains. The Hemp Oil products introduced helped with the stress of the game and he reported significantly better sleep quality. So much so that he became an investor in the CBD brand he was using. Prime Spectrum CBD is doing the same for an up and coming golfer called Karl Mc Cormack.

Irish Golfer Karl Mc Cormack

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Karl was set to turn professional this year (2020) before the Covid-19 crisis when all competitions were suspended. Karl who plays out of Portarlington Golf Club is in flying form and itching to get back to playing Golf. He too swears by the CBD Balm and the products we provide him which helps with all the above issues talked about.

Karl loves how the Oils and Capsules keep him relaxed and focused both on and off the course. It has improved all areas of his game. When you are a professional you recognise that tieing in everything from nutrition to mental toughness matters.

Continually improving your game is key and we are happy at Prime Spectrum CBD to support Karl and be apart of his professional career as he makes his ways up through the ranks and to the top. Here is some of what Karl says about CBD and Prime Spectrum.

Since partnering up with Prime Spectrum I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on the benefits of all things CBD. They have given me the guidance that has set me up to perform at my best daily. In the past, I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression. I have been working hard on my mental health and having a constant flow of CBD makes the process much easier.

I can’t stress it enough for anyone struggling mentally how using CBD in conjunction with other mindfulness practices really could help you. Strengthening the foundations of my mental health has tied in with my golfing game greatly.

These CBD products have allowed me to maintain a cool calm mindset throughout practice and competition. It has also has brought a new intensity to my practice and training. The feeling of being out of my own way is something I’m very happy to have at this moment in time.

My muscle recovery has also been dramatically improved. Using the variety of CBD products from Prime Spectrum any aches and pains I pick up from days on the range or course are really helped. I particularly love the CBD Balm and in conjunction with the CBD Oils I wake up feeling fresh and ready for another day of grinding.

Prime Spectrum and I sat down and discussed what I wanted in great detail. I explained that my sleep quality and patterns were an issue. We set out to sort out my sleep using a combination of capsules for sleep at night and the oils during the day.

Sleeping well again has been a game-changer and I didn’t realise how bad it was until I started to sleep well again. I know I will continue to use CBD to help me keep on top of the personal and professional challenges that are ahead of me.

Best CBD Oil For Golfers

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Karl Mc Cormack. Golf And CBD

A large proportion of Ireland’s population is over the 50 plus mark. The unfortunate reality of increased age is increased recovery times. More aches and pains mean a stiffened swing and the joint pains can add to your scorecard. These muscle aches can ruin the social aspect of the round and can make it hard to finish the 18 holes of golf. Take a look at how we advised Karl to take our CBD products to improve his game and see how our CBD products could help improve your game.

We have given plenty of advice to Karl on how CBD could work for him and how to use the products we supply him. The administration of the products is just as important as the quality of the products. We take into account Karl’s needs and his routine. Our goal is to maintain Karl’s cannabinoid and terpene profile at the peaks required without dramatic falls or rises. This ensures the body gets what it needs when it needs it without placing any of the body’s systems under undue stress.

  • CBD BALM– We provide this to Karl to aid prevent and aid his recovery with local muscle tension and pain. joint pain is hard to treat due to blood flow issues to the area and CBD BALM is an excellent way to help with this. We would encourage Karl to use this daily and on harder days or tournaments much more often.
  • CBD Oils Karl is given CBD OILS in various strengths which again tie into his needs with his routines. These would be used every day in various ways to help prevent and promote his gaols. Using Oil is generally a quick way of administrating CBD to the body and thus there are pros and cons to them which again tie in with his goals.
  • CBD Capsules– Karl uses these various CBD CAPSULES as they have different bioavailability and digestive properties. They are used to help maintain his profiles during the night and during tougher days.
  • CBD Coffee- Karl is not a huge coffee drinker however he loves a cup in the morning and using our CBD COFFEE in the morning is the perfect way to start his day. Giving him the pick em up he needs without the jitters.
  • CBD Food-As well as the CBD Hemp Protein bars and CBD Gummies we are also looking at CBD Granola with CBD Chewing Gum being made available to Karl soon. These will help with the hunger he may feel during a long round and maintain his focus and mood.


Other Golfers on the professional Golf scene who are using CBD are Bubba Watson and Scott McCarron. Some players and professionals are worried about failing drug tests and rightly so. THC is a banned substance and tour officials last year warned players about this element and advised caution. Professionals like Karl will not have this worry with Prime Spectrum CBD Products as we are 100% THC FREE. Karl can focus on his preparations for when the season kicks off again safe in the knowledge our partnership will only have a positive impact on his game.

There’s plenty of research and anecdotal evidence about the benefits of CBD for your physical and mental health. You most certainly won’t be winning every round of golf you play however we have no doubt that Prime Spectrum CBD products could help improve your game.

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What can CBD products do for my golf game?

CBD works naturally with your own bodies Endocannabinoid system. This is linked to many benefits to the body and enhancing this system is believed to improve your mental health. This reduces stress, enhances your focus, and can help with improving your sleep. It is also found to be a great anti-inflammatory which can help with injuries.

Is CBD Oil / Hemp Oil illegal in Golf?

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its Prohibited List, allowing its use by PGA Tour players and Olympic athletes however the THC levels are still a concern so getting THC Free products is important for your career.

Can CBD Oil / Hemp Oil help with my Golfer’s elbow?

A quality CBD OIL / Hemp Oil, like Prime Spectrum CBD could help reduce the inflammation in the tendons and muscles that are associated with this condition.

What is the oldest Golf course in Ireland?

The oldest Golf club in Ireland is The Royal Curragh Golf Club. The course has been completely revamped and is now a challenging heathland course of 6,585 yards. It was first played on in 1852 and was located beside the army barracks that were built by the British Empire, which is now called the Defence Forces Training Centre.

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