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Celtic Wind and CBD

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Do CELTIC WIND CROPS contain CBD? This had question had them in a bit of trouble last year and its, not for the first time either. Apart from their legal/court issues with their former Chief Executive, they also had various sources claiming their products contain little to no CBD.


Celtic had been around for a considerable amount of time. They were one of the first companies to see the potential in this area. They were picked up by one of the two largest distribution chains in Ireland they were placed in shops and Pharmacies practically overnight. Celtic has been backed by Governmental agencies and they were fast-tracking their way overseas to England stores were they had some initial positive reviews. They are currently looking further afield to the USA market.

The First Spark

I first became aware of this via a video in early 2019. A woman was testing a number of brands as apart of a YouTube video blog. There she tested 4 brands. All of the products tested on point with one showing more CBD than indicated however Celtics CBD levels were lower than claimed. It should be pointed out that this was a homemade test and it was not carried out under strict conditions. I took this with a pinch of salt. As I do with most things I see online.

My Own Thoughts

This is an extreme pity as I sincerely would love to see this company do is an Irish company for one. They clearly are working hard and trying to better their position in the market. They did and are doing a lot for the Irish Hemp/CBD industry. However, there are holes in the boat and they need to fix it quickly before they sink and in my opinion, they have scaled to fast to quickly and as a result, I feel, their quality and standards have suffered.

The Consumers Knowledge

Many people in this industry know a lot about the products. They are very aware of how the product should get from the seed to the shelf. The consumers who use CBD/Cannabis are well educated on the subject. A point I think they either were not aware of or they choose to ignore. If it’s true they are looking to get to the USA they would be eaten alive for this type of incident. Regardless of it being true or false. The market over there is too established.

Smoke Without Fire

A few months later a supplier in Dublin then carried out his own testing and done another video blog. He was claiming that there was no CBD in the products and he had received proof of this but he did not show his sources and the company is also a rival and we all know how that works. People do love a bit of drama. I also know, first hand, that this is a very cut-throat industry and it could be a case of Celtics competitors trying to curtail their fast expansion.

There Is An Oil Fire

The third incident I saw came from a much more reliable source and this person is freely outing this brand. As it was pointed out previously to state that the other sources where sketchy, this one seems very legit. He knows the Cultivation and Extraction processes extremely well. He is in the industry for a long time and in my opinion, he seems to have a good moral compass. When I saw this, I then sat up. He openly engaged with the brand on their public forums and Celtic Wind did reply to some of the questions. I am aware that Celtic may have gone the legal route to try and put a stop to this train of thought.

Everything Else Aside

There are many people using this brand and finding good, if not great results. Common sense, to me, would dictate that the placebo effect cannot be at play for all the positive results they have received. However, something is not right at the start or end of the manufacturing procedures as there seems to be a large number of products getting out there that contain little to no CBD. Even if this product was not getting mixed reviews here is why I wouldn’t personally use the brand.

Irish and EU Brands

Hemp/Cannabis does not like to be grown outdoors in the Irish weather we have. This is the case for many EU countries (not all) The product stands no chance of having a premium Cannabinoid or Terpene profile if it’s in constantly varied conditions. We all know what the Irish weather is like.

The manufacturing procedures are way behind the times, the standards aren’t high enough and as a result, the consistency isn’t there. The laws imposed on the Irish and Eu market are very restricted and even more so on the Irish market. The fact we can only grow Sativa in the EU and the manner in which we are allowed to process it is the very reason why I import PCR Hemp-based products from the USA.

The End Of Celtic Wind

I doubt it. They are to heavily involved now with FSAI and Enterprise Ireland and they also have many loyal customers that do find it useful. If it was me I would overhaul of management and manufacturing practices. At the end of the day, it is a business that is growing fast and mistakes happen. If someone is not happy with a product, send it back and get a refund. No business is perfect. They have recently changed their branding so maybe that’s the start? I personally hope this brand gets its house in order as I would hate to see any company failing.

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