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CBD Oil Tinctures

Buy your CBD  Oil Tinctures that come in 10ml-20ml-30ml bottles from Prime Spectrum CBD Ireland and you will get a highly absorbing, fast-acting product on the market. When it comes to quality and purity you struggle to find a better brand out there. We are sure you have heard these lines before! So, what makes us different?

Why Are We Different

Firstly and most importantly our CBD Oils are superior. You only have to look at our laboratory reports and compare them to our competitors to notice there is something special about us. While everyone else is using “Industrial Hemp” or “Sativa Hemp” our CBD Oils come from a “Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich Hemp”  This means we have over 10 times more Cannabinoids in our products that our nearest rival. The product is grown under strict, controlled conditions before it is plotted outside to grow in organic, pesticide-free soil. This means the pants leaves and flowers grow better and if you know your “Cannabis ” plants, you will know this means a better quality product at the end of the process. Our competitor’s Hemp plants are planted outside from day one in tightly packed areas.

Whole Plant/Full Plant Extract

You will hear many suppliers claim they have the “Whole Plant” or the “Full Plant Extract”. Well, we are proud to say that, AGAIN, we are different. We got rid of the things you do not want from the plant like the “Waxes” and “Chlorophyll”. This means our CBD Oils are cleaner and more desirable for you in terms of TASTE and function.

Purity & Quality Of Our CBD Oil

Because our products go from the seed to the bottle in the one area the quality is further assured, we strongly believe our products is the best cbd oil available in Ireland. The purity is enhanced by the state of the art GMP approved manufacturing facilities. It maybe not be necessarily cheaper but it’s the right thing to do as at the end of the day, people are looking to use this product for some very serious reasons and we have an obligation to make sure its the best it can be.

Consistency With Our CBD Oil

Due to the high-end nature of its production, you can be assured that what you buy from us one month you will get the same standard from us the next month. This means no change in taste or performance which is a regular occurrence in other brands.

Customer Service

Why the heck is this DEAD. Money is hard to come by so we think the customer deserves an outstanding product. Supreme customer service experience is essential. We are here to help you every step of the way when it comes to taking our CBD Oils. We want to answer any of your questions. This is one of the reasons why we have such a high return rate from our customers. People love the product because it works but they also love the care and attention we provide.

Free Shipping

Don’t you just hate it when you buy something and then you get to the Cart and there is the shipping cost. Most of the time it is a crazy sum too. Well not with us. Everything you buy from us comes with FREE EXPRESS TRACKED SHIPPING. You will never have this issue with us. For CBD oil UK there is just a small shipping fee.


Look around. Compare us to others. Big some of the brand out there and then compare them to us. We are a High-End product but we do not charge premium prices. We do not believe in the crazy 150% mark-ups that other suppliers are making. I rely on and need CBD and there is no way I could justify taking advantage of people who are in need. This brings me to my next point.


Look at our site. We are offer “BUY ONE GET ONE-AT A REDUCTION” We offer payment plans to our customers. Get in touch and ask about it. We are the first in Ireland to offer discounts “ALL THE TIME” We don’t believe in “SALES” We believe you should get excellent products and excellent value, all year round. Buy your CBD in Ireland from us and you will see the difference in yourself and your pocket. We also offer our products in a variety of bottle sizes. This makes it easier to travel with and it suits your pocket.

THC Free CBD Oil

You will hear great hype around THC. It’s the reason there is such a big fuss around the Cannabis plant. It can get messy with the law. More importantly, it can get messy for the customer. You could have a reaction, lose your job or sports career if you fail a drug test. So, AGAIN, we decided to stand out and we get rid of the THC from the product. This means you are safe with us. This is a guarantee.

Every drop is packed full of our organically grown, Broad spectrum, THC free phytocannabinoid-rich oil. This PCR Hemp and it was grown under monitored conditions. We have avoided the industrial hemp grown in the Irish and EU markets. Our Hemp has 10 times more Cannabinoids than our industrial hemp, Sativa competitors. Thus ensuring a higher standard product.


The oil contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes that you expect and want to have in a Full Spectrum product and none of the things you do not want like the waxes and chlorophyll. Other oils out there do not look or taste too pleasant due to the poor distillation process. Our oils come from the best hemp and are produced in state of the art facilities. This provides you with a high-end oil that looks, smells, and tastes great.

How to Use our Premium CBD Oils

Simple and safe, use under your tongue day or night. These 500 mg bottles are the perfect starting point for someone who is new to CBD. We always recommend you start slow and steady and gradually build up your dose until your system gets used to the oil. We recommend you only use these 1000 mg bottles after you have established your daily dose from the 500 mg bottles. Whether you use cbd oil for anxiety or cbd oil for pain, feel free to contact us and we can advise you on the optimum dosage for your needs.

Lets us help you use our CBD Oil Tinctures

PLEASE trust us to help you. We are the experts and we know CBD. Stronger percentages do not mean better results. This is not the case. CBD is all about dosage and this is very much an individual thing. We are all unique and different and so is our need for CBD. If this 500 mg bottle works for you there is no need to move up to 1000 mg. 1000 mg and higher concentrations are produced so people can take less CBD, as the milligrams concentrated in them per drop is more.

Listening to your body and your reactions to CBD has helped many of our customers find their sweet spots and when you know your daily dose you can mix and match with other products like the Soft-gels or Vapes.

Testing Our CBD Oil Tincture

This product along with all of our products come with Certification and Laboratory results.  3rd Party testing has been carried out. Forensic Science Ireland tested our products in September 2019. The FSAI/HSE tested our products in October 2019. You can rest assured that what you are paying for you are getting. We truly do value what we provide and how we provide it.

CBD is legal in Ireland if it meets the FSAI guidelines and it contains no traces of THC. The EU law of 0.2% THC in Hemp does not translate to CBD.

Get in touch and let us help you with this otherwise follow the suggested dose on the product(s) and leaflets supplied. The bottom line is, not all CBD products are made equal and you are unique. The product(s) selected will determine consumption which determines the dosage.  Our goal is to help you find a therapeutic dose that works while making the products last as long as possible. We will even help you use other brands.

No. And I am sorry to say, yes as there are many poor quality CBD products on the market and not just in Ireland. A high-quality CBD brand will have a seed to bottle plan. The products will also come from a GMP Certified facility and these two factors help to ensure quality and consistency. In Ireland on towards the end of 2019 companies were tested on various aspects of the FSAI regulations. 15 companies failed for various reasons and many were due to the fact that there was THC detected.

To be transparent it needs to be noted that even if these companies had 0.2% CBD in the products there is a high likely hood a test would not show THC. Someone would have to take around 2000mg of CBD in a day and even then there is only about a 25% chance of testing positive. Our products have ZERO THC in them so you will not fail a test for THC.

Yes. Having said this CBD oil is generally considered to be safe for most people, and we have yet to witness anyone having negative side effects from my products. In cases, we have come across where side effects were reported the people involved took extremely large doses of CBD. These doses were well above the advised suggested doses. You can read one such study HERE.

Yes and No. CBD works with your endocannabinoid system and helps maintain balance within the body. Your biological functions are higher and you are body is working hard to maintain this level of function. The metabolism to hormone production is much different and CBD will directly or indirectly help maintain this balance. At night the metabolism to hormone production is much different again and CBD will help to promote and maintain this balance.

There is no evidence to prove that CBD makes you tired. CBD users and the general industry agree you may feel more relaxed however knocking you off your feet during the day, no.

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