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CBD Oil for Stress

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Stress And CBD Oil

The stress we have often goes unnoticed until it is too late and the symptoms have progressed too far. You will have fallen flat on your face with the flu or some other illness before you ease back.

Our bodies cannot live in this state all the time and it tries to protect us by giving us some signals to slow down. We tend to ignore these signals and press on. The main reasons we usually press on are for the job responsibilities and cash flow. Tieing into these two issues would be society’s view if you took time off because you were feeling stressed. We care too much about everyone else and what they think of us. We don’t think much of our own well-being until it is too late.

Why Am I Stressed Out?

It’s important that you understand how stress works within our bodies. Stress is often linked to anxiety and poor sleep. These items often tie onto depression and even physical sickness.  This sickness whether it is mental or physical is ignored and the causes misplaced. In order to have a more balanced life, I suggest you start looking inward and not outward.

There are plenty of things you can do to lower your stress and they are free.  When we are over-anxious or receive poor sleep we tend to not see the damage on the inside it is having on our health. The same can be said about stress and even though many of us know that stress is a real killer we still don’t take it seriously enough.  Let’s look at the video in the next post that will allow you to get a better grasp on stress and how it works.

Symptoms Of Stress

There are many symptoms in stress as there are in Anxiety. Although they may seem similar they are unique in their own right. If you see these symptoms of stress in yourself or others you should get on top of them straight away as they often start with one or two and then more slowly creep in. If you are reading this you may be thinking that stress is not such a big deal. For many of us, it is not but the world is changing and as this does the stress people are under seems to be rising. Have a look at this video ad if you still feel stress it no big deal then I salute you as you mist have things under control.

Is Stress Ok?

Whether you are working or not it can be hard to place your health as a priority. No matter how good your intentions may be we all tend to place this to one side. We tend to be more sympathetic to others who are unwell then we are about ourselves.

If someone was to say they are stressed out, this comment often isn’t taken seriously as stress is deemed not to be a major issue. This remains constant until something happens that forces us to re-evaluate our life.

What Stress Symptoms Come First?

The symptoms vary from person to person and what and how stress affects you may not be the case for others. They are in no particular order either. What is common with them all is the fact that these symptoms, in whatever order they come, start off slowly and build up over time and if left unchecked can have a severe impact on your life.

Can CBD Help With Stress?

Stress does have a massive impact on your life however there are many things we can do, that are free, to help with this issue. If you do these things daily you could reduce your stress levels and the symptoms dramatically. We will explore these in the next post and these items take as little as 10 odd minutes a day and some are even quicker such as taking CBD.

The important thing is you attack stress head-on and on a daily basis. You cant see the damage it is doing internally but you can see and others can see the external damage so pay attention to the signals that your body is giving you.

Does Stress Affect Our Lives?

Stress has an impact on your life but we should not let is overtake and run it.  Just because you can’t see the impact stress has on you as it is internal, does not mean it is not there.

We can see a broken leg and we know we need to look treat and look after it. I can assure you if you do not treat and look after your stress it will damage your health. Would you like a little bit of perspective? Watch this clip.

Ways To Manage Your Stress?

We are more aware of stress and how it impacts our health and the lives of the people around us. We know how to lower the stress but we often feel we are and will be ok. Many of us practice some mindfulness routines but these tend to be after the fact. 

It should be stated that all these methods used to help with stress are merely aids. Unless you get to the direct source of the stress and deal with it you will continue to get stressed. The symptoms will get worse over time and more from the list will be added.

This in itself can be a challenge as very often we cannot get rid of these stressors overnight.  They take time and need to be worked on each and every day. This is why the aids can help you until you can remove the source or learn to deal with it better.

Can Your Job Cause Stress?

Your job is the main source of stress in our lives and it can be very difficult to remove. If it is important you will find a way or you will find the excuse. A job truly is just that and we should learn to leave the work issues at work when we leave it. If you have a job that is your passion then chances are stress is not a real issue and maybe burnout is.

Many of us feel we have to make the best of a bad situation and we are forced to stay in the role we choose when we were 20s. It is crazy that we still do this as we now understand that the brain is not fully developed until we are in our mid-twenties and we are living for longer too. Society places this pressure on us to pick a path at this age. This age where we are very vulnerable and we don’t really know what we want.

This path defines the next 50 years of our lives and why we are forced to make it at such an age is something we should look at seriously. If someone notices they are not happy and tries to change their path at a later stage they are often looked at as being odd. The financial aspect is often thrown at them and this leads to a very unhappy person in the future.

What Ways Can I Reduce Stress?

Are you a slave to your life and to stress? I know that more than likely you are. There are very few of us out there that understand and can recognise when they are stressed out. Even fewer still understand how this has affected our health so much or how to fix this state.

When we break a leg we go to the doctor and then we get an x-ray to show where the break it and how to treat the leg. We then get a cast and we stay off the leg and possibly stay at home and take time off work.

Methods To Reduce Stress

If you went to the doctor and he said you were stressed out too much and you need to relax more, you would think less of this. You wouldn’t get examined by anyone else. You certainly wouldn’t take the time off work or relax and do some mindfulness routines. If it was suggested you try something like CBD for stress, many may think it is a snake oil despite all the evidence that shows how CBD interacts with your body.

Others around you would think it was a bit funny if you took the time off work and started to look after your mental health and stress levels. I know from first hand that this is the case. One of the reasons why this is the case is due to the fact that you cant see the stress and the damage. With a broken leg, the evidence is staring you in the face for you and all to see. With Stress, the evidence is there but it is often in the mind and how our interactions and moods are.

When the symptoms develop into something serious it is often something very serious like cancer or a heart attack. Then you start to care and then others around you start to care. Why wait to get to this stage. Start looking after yourself now. Watch these videos to help explain it a bit more.

How Can I Deal With Stress?

This sounds so easy however this is very hard to do at times. We all have things about ourselves that we do not like. This is natural however we should not let these issues consume us.  We are very often our own worst enemies. We would be disgusted if we saw someone being a bully to someone by putting them down. However, many of us do this to ourselves on a daily basis and we are often way harder than any bully could ever be. How you think about yourself really matters. Have a listen to the video for a little bit of perspective on this. A good way to see how you are feeling about yourself is to do the following task.

  • Name 5 things you like about yourself
  • Name 5 things you dislike about yourself.

If you can not answer the first part of the question easily and you can answer the second part quicker, there is a good chance you may have some self-esteem issues. The good news is this can be improved and you should really try to do this. How you speak to yourself matters and how you see yourself in this world matters.

What Can I Do About My Stress?

This is often due to you constantly thinking in certain terms about things or events. You maybe could have been told to “Stop being so negative” This is a pattern you have built up over time and this negativity slowly came into your life. You can change this behavior by rewiring your brain to a more positive way of thinking. This can be done by seeking professional help from a therapist who and help you in great detail.

Meditation is a great way to switch this mindset. Using CBD could help you work with your therapist and carry out the mindfulness exercise given to you. It also could take the edge of the stress and anxiety you may have. If you are not sleeping well CBD could help with this and we all know when we are sleeping better the world seems like a brighter place.

Can CBD Help Your Mental Health?

You didn’t get stressed or anxious to a point where it damages your health overnight. This process happened over a number of months or years. You would have found ways of dealing with your anxiety or stress and some of these ways could be unhealthy for you. Regardless of the conscious or subconscious methods, you found to deal with things, these methods are not long term strategies.

Eventually, these methods will fail and you will run out of ways to deal with your anxiety and stress. All you will have succeeded in is kicking the can down the road and adding more stress and anxiety to yourself. The situation can then become unbearable for you and those around you. The few triggers you may have had now are many and it can feel overwhelming.

By the time this occurs, we have wired our brains to deal with our emotions and situations a certain way. This can often be an unhealthy over-reaction and you may find yourself asking how you got there. Your initial thoughts and reactions are now all negative.

You may find yourself lacking patience and being overly aggressive with people for reasons you are not aware of. People who are in these situations very often don’t realise how bad this is to their health and their personal relationships. They may be reluctant or unable to see their issues even if they are pointed out to them by others.

Your Thoughts Stress And Anxiety

One of the first signs of this is the thoughts and conversations you are having within your own head. Your inner fears and the negativity you feel can only be held in for so long. This coping strategy of holding it inside fails and you have to find other ways to deal with this.

The good news is that with a little guidance and some time we can rewire this behaviour. We can change the negative thought patterns to a more positive pattern. We can create healthier ways of dealing with our thoughts and in the long run, have a more positive outlook. Understanding these thought patterns now and dealing with these issues now means they will not progress into something more damaging.

Does Stress Affect My Body?

Cortisol or stress can be a positive thing however too much of this is very damaging to our health. Your endocannabinoid system is responsible for maintaining balance within the body. Anandamide and 2AG are two cannabinoids produced by the body to help with this. Adding a good quality CBD product to your body could help boost this response.

Blocking the cortisol from building up too much helps reduce the negative reactions you are having. It could help you with your sleeping patterns and this allows your body the best chance to recover mentally and physically and you will wake up more refreshed. You are more likely to engage in actions that help change your negative behaviors.

Over time CBD could play a role in rewiring your brain into a more positive mindset. Using CBD could help you feel more relaxed while you are engaging with counselling and or other mindfulness routines. I know from experience that CBD helped me come off the sleeping medication I was on. It also helped and helps me see things with more clarity and allows me to worry less about the things I have no control over.

How Does Stress Affect Your Body?

Watch this video below to see how the stress in our life builds up over time. If we do not address this and we ignore our mental health, stress will overcome us. It will start to affect our lives and the people around us. Stress builds up slowly and often we tend not to recognise we may be suffering from stress. Very often the symptoms have to get very severe before we take action. Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t ignore the stress that may be building up in your life. No matter how insignificant it may seem, take action, and look after your stress levels. Respect your mental health.

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