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NOTE– Prime Spectrum has been informed by HYPRA that we are trying to sell or misguide the public into thinking that CBD is a medicine. We have never stated it was or is. The Government continues to mislead the public and try to sell off this industry to Pharma. Ireland is the biggest Pharmaceutical Hub in the EU and one of the most corrupt nations when it comes to stealing from its people. Everything from our roads, national lottery, electricity, to our oil and gas has, been sold to private cooperation’s.

We have been hounded by HYPRA to change words and or sentences because they CLAIM we are trying to mislead the people of Ireland. How much further from reality could this be.

Like most things in life nowadays, “It is for your protection” as clearly people have lost the capability to think for themselves.

We get asked questions about certain items and we do our best to reply. The opinions in this blog and all our blogs are just that, opinions based on experience and the industry. HYPRA, it seems, want to make sure they aid shutting down companies like mine down under the disguise of “Public Protection” . It is an endless fight between FSAI , HYPRA and the corrupt to try and earn an honest living.

Please ignore the coincidence that blogs like these get viewed by tens of millions of people all around the world and they are found to be informative.

CBD is a Food Supplement used by millions of people around the world for personal reasons. Any benefits you may get from CBD are merely coincidence or placebo………………………………………………

HYPRA advices that you should stick to Pharmaceutical Medication that is approved by them and consult your doctor. After all, Pharmaceutical companies have your best interests at heart and nothing that comes from nature is of use. ………………………

We all have things we do not like about ourselves. These sometimes are the demons in us that come out every now and then. It can be hard to see yourself as others see you and our confidence gets rocked from time to time. Society has you thinking you need to be one way or another and it can be hard to keep up. We can make ourselves feel better by wearing makeup to hide some imperfections or dressing up in our favorite gear. But what do you do if you cant hide your issues or dress them up? This is the case for many women and men who deal with Eczema and can’t hide it. People cant hide their hands or wear makeup as it could make it worse or if you are a man for may makeup is not an option.


 The above blog article promotes CBD for eczema; no products (medicines) containing CBD have been approved by the HPRA for eczema. Accordingly, the blog article should be removed.

Please note that not all of the medicinal claims and/or medicinal inferences being made by Prime Spectrum CBD have not been identified above. In that regard, Prime Spectrum CBD is directed to the attached email and document for guidance and, to the guidance on the HPRA website at Classification of Medicines (

It is expected that all medicinal claims and/or medicinal inferences about CBD and CBD products are removed from the Prime Spectrum CBD website by the close of business on Monday 21.02.2022. Should the issues not be addressed by 21.02.2022, then Prime Spectrum CBD should consider taking their website off-line until the issues are addressed, otherwise Prime Spectrum CBD should note the information provided at HPRA Enforcement. This also applies to any social media accounts operated by Prime Spectrum CBD that make medicinal claims and/or medicinal inferences about CBD or CBD products, or any product sold by Prime Spectrum CBD.   


Eczema comes in many forms and can be very mild to severe and people often suffer from flare-ups that are brought on by triggers that are as individual to them as the condition. It can a very frustrating and confidence shattering thing to live with.  The cause of why the inflammation in the skin occurs is unknown. It is a response to certain triggers that causes the immune system to be overactive. People with allergies and asthma in the family tend to suffer more. The indication that eczema is an overactive immune system response led people to start looking at CBD.

We are again forced to state that the above has not been approved by big Pharma so consult your GP. CBD is a FOOD SUPPLEMNET.

CBD is known by some people from its anti-inflammatory response so it could help tone down this response and ease the symptoms of eczema. ( Hemp / CBD products have worked well for arthritis to IBS and although it has not cured anything it tends to ease the many symptoms. lower the reactions and reduce the attacks)

We are again forced to state that the above has not been approved by big Pharma so consult your GP. CBD is a FOOD SUPPLEMNET.

CBD Oil -Hemp Oil As Aids

Some factors that will determine the outcome are the health of the body’s endocannabinoid system as its being discovered that this has a great impact on our overall health.  A poor endocannabinoid system can result in unbalanced behaviours in many of our body’s system. Endocannabinoid deficiency is being referred to more and more as an illness with increasing more data to back this up.

Other factors that influence the effectiveness of CBD are the locations of the receptors in the body and their numbers in that location. CB1 and CB2 receptors (  The presence of a CB3 receptor is looking possible )  help make up the endocannabinoid system and they interact with the cannabinoids produced by the body and given to it. Less equals a poor response to CBD and vis versa. The body and its systems can only use a certain amount of anything at the one time.

There is no Science Behind CBD Oil For Eczema

The majority of the science behind eczema and the effects CBD can have on it has been done on animals. Like many things that CBD does for the body, it does directly and indirectly. There are also millions of people around the world that claim CBD has helped them however this must be a placebo and or a coincidence.

Stress is the number one killer in the world and cortisol build-up has a massive impact on all aspects of our physical and mental health. Many people have claimed CBD Hemp Oil has a positive impact on lowering their cortisol. The bi-product of this reaction, amongst other things, is better quality sleep, healthier immune response, and less anxiety. These factors could have a positive impact on flare-ups and triggers to eczema, however this must be a placebo and or a coincidence. More science and reliable data is coming each day. That been said, people usually don’t care how something works, they are just happy it does.

We are again forced to state that the above has not been approved by big Pharma so consult your GP. CBD is a FOOD SUPPLEMNET.


CBD Hemp Oil is not a cure for this or any condition and the science is playing catch up with its use. Find a good quality brand that can supply you with legal and consistent products. Finding a the correct balance of CBD is key and it can take time for the body to get used to the cannabinoid and terpene profile that is now present. You never want to take too much of anything and in particular, shutting down the inflammatory response in the body too much needs to be avoided.

Low and slow is always the best place to start and if in doubt always consult your GP. We are always here to help you and are willing to answer any and all of your questions. We will also help you during and after your purchase. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

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