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FSA Label

The CBD industry in Ireland is under a real threat. This is due to the FSA in England, which is the equivalent of the FSAI Ireland. It has set a deadline for all CBD suppliers to provide more information about its products and its contents.

This first part seems very reasonable especially if the FSAI here did this as there are so many bad CBD products on the market. Facebook is literally crawling with people selling CBD illegally in groups. These people are not registered in any way. Many buy their Bottles of AliExpress from CHINA and bottle it themselves in their kitchen. I have even seen an individual buying items from Lidl and passing them off as CBD. So I would love to see this hard stance being enforced in Ireland.


The following though is outrageous, highly frustrating and clearly stinks of corruption. On one hand, the World Health Organisation, and the EU promote Cannabis and all its variants. They recognize the benefits it is bringing to the public in terms of health to the body and mind. They go so far as to call it a medicine. This is of course only if the Pharmaceutical companies make it and sell it at very extreme markups.

On the other hand, you have large companies that have the same standards as the Pharmaceuticals ( I know my supplier does ) companies. These have the same accreditations in production and testing but they are deemed not to be of the same quality. They are classed as “Food Supplements” and at every turn, the laws and legislations are placed upon them to try to stop the use of these products.

Pharma Grade

When you compare the Pharma Grade to a Quality CBD brand the Pharma grade lacks in all areas in many cases and it beggers believe how they continue to push and get away with these sorts of actions. Well, it doesn’t really as it is all about money and keeping the fat cats rich. The FSA has even advised vulnerable groups not to take CBD at all. These groups are the very people who should be trying CBD under supervision as the benefits for them are greater. Again, why is it ok to give them Pharma products and not other company’s products.

Double Standards

They have stated that adults should take no more than 70mgs a day. Another outrageous statement as everyone’s therapeutic dose is different. If it was given by a Parma company they would state that it would be given until the desired effect is achieved under supervision.

There are many companies pulling together in England. They are working towards making the industry safer for the consumer and this industry was built by these very companies that the Pharma are now trying to shut down. The FSA made this announcement without talking to any of the bodies in the industry.

What worries me here is this is an EU stance to an English market. England is the largest exporter of Cannabis in the Eu and it is clearly doing this for the sake of cornering the market. They are trying to force out the SMEs so the big fish and cut up the sector. This is already creeping into the Irish market as we have seen American, Canadian and Australian Pharma companies being approved. They are to sell CBD / Medical cannabis to Ireland and I can tell you that the CBD Pharma product is weak. It is an extremely poor standard when you compare it to the vast majority of the products sold by registered and legal CBD companies.

Novel Food Act

The clear hoax of the Novel Food Act is being played out and exploited here too. Even a child knows after looking at even half the evidence and scientific facts that Cannabis and CBD as been used for centuries. There is absolutely nothing novel about CBD or Cannabis.

I do hope that the FSAI doesn’t look to the English anymore for their policies as they now are out of the EU but the implications for people in Ireland is extreme. This is because many, not all, (NOT ME) get their products from English companies that are not Novel Food compliant.

This may mean a large increase in my sales come March 31 when this rule kicks into Britain and the stocks start to dwindle. I don’t want to see any company anywhere closing down especially when it further lines the pockets of big pharmaceuticals.

There is no other way to look at this than corruption and greed from a body that is clearly out of touch. They are trying to strong-arm an industry for the benefit of the elite and at the cost to the needy. This will only serve to drive up the price and place the vulnerable at risk. This will force them back to Pharmaceutical products as the CBD companies are eliminated.

Listen To This

Here is a gentleman I have been watching for a long time and he has a great passion for the English CBD market. You can hear Peter Reynolds speak in the clip below.He is on top of and fighting the Propaganda that is being placed on the CBD industry. The CBD industry is under attack in the UK and it has started here in Ireland too. The CBD is made up of small businesses of 1 to 5 person operations and this is how it grew.

The larger companies did not want to get involved as there was no money to be made.  The CBD industry is worth more than the VIT C and VIT D market combined. The Pharmaceutical companies want in and they want the small businesses out. You will hear a lot from the self-proclaimed health experts about CBD. They will often conduct studies to suit there needs.

Flase Studies

The FSA and the FSAI/HSE, no doubt look at these studies and take them as gospel. An example of this would be the latest from GW Pharmaceuticals who gave the FSA a study about how CBD would damage your liver. Now of course, if anyone reading this at first glance you may think CBD is an awful thing. When you look at the study and see it was done on mice you start to ask questions. Looking further into it you can see the mice were given 2000mg of CBD which is 10 times the recommended amount. This just shows the test is not like for like as it was not done on humans and no supplier would ever, ever recommend anyone to take 2000mg of CBD per dose.

It is very misleading to do this type of study and make these false claims. What makes it more annoying is, on one hand, the very company that does these studies and states CBD is bad, can then go onto make a CBD product and sell it to the governments with a larger price tag and of lesser quality. It just stinks of greed and corruption and when the government and its agencies ignore this it furthers the assumptions that they are in on it too.

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