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CBD in the UK

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Big Ben, London

UK is Working Hard

The CBD industry in the UK has been growing from strength to strength despite the Government and other bodies placing major roadblocks in the way. For years it has been self-regulating itself. Much like the majority of the Irish market. Granted there are many more bad apples in Ireland.

The majority of the business and suppliers in the UK are represented by 2 major groups and they are, “The Cannabis Trade Association” and “CannaPro”. In Ireland, there are groups also that are trying to keep the Industry on track. The idea of these groups is to pull the industry in a direction that ensures it stays compliant with home and international laws. Basically cut out the gangsters and make sure the customer gets a safe and legal product that works.

The Centre for Medical Cannabis (CMC)

The Centre for Medical Cannabis (CMC) is a big business group with heavy investors (1% Elite) looking to cash in on the years of hard work by the legitimate groups mentioned above and its members. They have tried to worm their way into the space by investing in a massive PR campaign and proclaimed themselves as “Experts” They have ties with the Government and presumed they could push there way into space. As the saying goes.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”
1% Elite at it again.

Despite its best efforts it has failed to recruit any lead businesses and represents “Nobody” but it’s own interests and it’s placing out false and misleading information that is threatening the industry and thousands of jobs. All in an effort to try and take over and cash in so it can line its pockets at the expense of small business and you.

I am worried about this space in England. What happens there has a massive impact here. The government is scrambling to try squash the industry and I can see the 1% in Ireland looking to do the same here if the tactic works in England. I am against the CMC (Centre for Medical Cannabis) and what it represents.

This Industry was grown and is growing from the hard work of small businesses. I don’t want to see the “1%/Elite” try to take over an Industry they don’t care about. In my opinion, they already have big Pharma.

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