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CBD And Covid

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Could CBD Cure Covid?

I take CBD every day as I know it keeps my health on point. My kids take it daily intake and my wife uses it for her epilepsy. The enquires I have received about CBD for your immune system has increased 10 fold since this virus came about. People have sent me clips and screenshots of suppliers saying or implying that CBD will help your immune system and fight off the virus if you get. The main question they keep asking is,

“Is it true? (Sometimes I wish CBD was purchased like toilet roll )

Food Supplements

It has been suggested by many, and there is research stating that VIT C and VIT D should be your go-to supplements to aid your immune system. I personally have increased these for the following reasons-

1- Even if I ignored all the evidence I have read to show that VIT C is good for the immune system I can see that any time people are sick they reach for Lemsip or the equivalent. What is in these?Paracetamol and VIT C.

2-We are generally lacking in Vit D and more so now as many stay indoors. This vitamin has an important role to play in your health and immune system.

So what about CBD?

I have many customers who stated they use CBD for its anti-inflammatory effects. There is loads of scientific research to show that “Inflammation” plays a massive role in defending us from viruses and bacteria. It is also huge when you get injured and it helps with the healing process. In short, we need this process to occur. There is a line here. Too much of this inflammation process can damage our bodies. It’s why CBD is such an attraction for many people when they use CBD for injuries or conditions like arthritis.

CBD And The Immune Response

So if inflammation is needed and indeed wanted for the immune system, then it would not be a great idea to suppress this response. Ibuprofen has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects or a reduction in T-CELL or White blood cell production. CBD is widely considered to support the immune system but not in the direct way effect of strengthening it.

It could help with your sleep and this means a better immune system. It could help with relaxation and the lowering of stress (Cortisol) and this improves your immune system. So, indirectly CBD could help. The immune system, which supports more of an inflammatory process does not want to be suppressed as it needs the white cell count to rise to fight off infection. Looking into it further CBD is widely believed to be between immunosuppressive (Suppress) and immunomodulating (Regulate) and it does not seem to strengthen it in the way it is being stated by so many.

Sleep, stress, anxiety, and the negative aspects they can have on your body are to be avoided. Anything that keeps you calmer and healthier is going to have a positive effect on your immune system. Do not go double down on your CBD to fight of Covid. Most of our clients take between 40mgs to 100mg daily.

So, be reasonable and responsible with CBD and if in doubt seek medical advice.


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