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This article and sources will come from various streams from all around the world. We will do our best to make sure all the information is vetted and referenced however this may not always be possible. Some of the information on this page cannot be credited to us, nor do we claim it as our own. Any information on this page is freely available to anyone who knows where to look. We are simply placing it in the one place for your convenience and ours.CLICK on the heading to get started.

CBD Expert Roundup

As you are aware Prime Spectrum is passionate about the CBD Industry. We want the CBD Industry to grow in Ireland. From the Hemp farmers to the manufacturers, to the suppliers and users of the end products like you and me, we want the CBD Industry to grow in a safe and sustainable manner. Thus ensuring a new economy for Ireland and more viable health options for the nation. This means working within the current laws and legislation as well as managing possible concerns that could arise in the future.

We love to network with other passionate people within this space. Brian from Dr.Hempme asked us to give us add to their article and were delighted to offer up our thoughts on some issues that the CBD industry is facing over the next 5 years.

What Is Phytocannabinoid Hemp

What Is Phytocannabinoid Hemp and why it is important for you to understand that all Hemp is not created equal just like all CBD products are not created equal.

Work-Life Balance

Is your life in balance? Have you truly managed to achieve the perfect work-life balance? We all struggle with this in our lives. Here is a quick video to get you thinking.

Is Benzodiazepine A Safe Medication

Is Benzodiazepine A Safe Medication. A story of how I was touched by this horrible drug but thankfully not in this severe way.
This medication nearly killed Jordan Peterson. Have a read and watch to discover more.

Hemp Products For Farming

Learn how Hemp could help save the Irish cow herds,all while reducing CO2 in the climate and providing farmers extra revenue at auction

CBD And Irish Golf

Professional Golfer Karl Mc Cormack uses CBD products to improve his Golf game and personal life. Discover how CBD oil / Hemp oil is becoming important to golfers all over the world see how our CBD products could help improve your golf game.

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