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Cannabis Fights Corona In Israel

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Israel has been at the forefront of Cannabis testing for a long time. Raphael Mechoulam placed this country on the map by discovering THC and CBD.  The two most famous cannabinoids in the Genus plant Cannabis. It has emerged that Israel is now looking to Cannabis to see how it could fight off the Corona Virus. Look at the recent studies that show how antibiotics were made more potent when combined with CBD. After you look at this you will see this is not so crazy.

Cannabis And Your Lungs

When you think of Cannabis being used please refrain from thinking that you need to smoke it or vaporize it. This would have not been a wise direction to go in considering this virus seems to attack the respiratory system. Cannabis can be used as edibles that are ingested or as oils.

Why Cannabis Might Help With COVID19

Well as explained in the study referenced above, CBD is being looked at to treat the illness and its symptoms. Cannabis can be quickly obtained in Isreal for the treatment of cancer and the side effects of other treatments. Cannabis for the use of pain management has long been established worldwide. Doctors in many countries have seen how it can be an effective anti-inflammatory and they are now pursuing its antiviral properties.

CBD And Covid19

They are looking to CBD to see how it could slow down the advancement of the virus during infections. If this was to occur it would give the body a chance to fight off the virus using its own immune system before it became overwhelmed. This would reduce the symptoms and could provide natural immunity. It is being reported that Isreal is carrying out this study across a number of wards in Tel Avis hospital. I would be curious to see how the study is being run. A placebo based study could be very risky to the participant’s and we are not aware of the control measures ether.  The patients that are involved are being reported as moderately ill.

Dr. Barak Cohen And The Corona Virus

Dr. Barak Cohen who is a specialist in Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care medicine, CBRN medicine, and Radiological Terrorism is the head of the Corona management team. He has stated that
“This is a novel approach to treating some of the symptoms, using a component of the cannabis plant that is considered safe and non-addictive.”

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