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Cannabis And The Coronavirus

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Table of Contents

Cannabis Stocks

Market Fluctuations

Cannabis Stocks are reacting to the Coronavirus. The markets are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in the world. Oil prices can go up or down due to production variations and Sinn Fein possibly being in the Irish government can impact local and international stock markets in some way. This Coronavirus is no different and many the markets, including the Cannabis stock market, are all over the place. China has a massive internal economy and exports heavily around the world. Indeed many items related to the Cannabis and CBD trade have been affected by this outbreak. The Vape market has been impacted greatly as many of the items used are made here. Even the packaging of these items and other items has been effected.  This is no small wonder as China produces nearly 15% of the world’s goods which is a crazy number.

Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis stocks and investing as fallen greatly as a result of this virus and many areas are stagnant. The stocks should all pick up as this virus is contained comes back under control. The virus does not have any direct relation to the Virus and even though the links are weak there is an impact. All revolving around money of course. If you were going to trade/invest now or shortly would be a good time as the prices are dipped significantly.

Consumption Remains Steady

I would have thought people in this industry would be pushing sales down people’s throats. I was looking to see a rise in sales as people stock up on Cannabis, CBD in conjunction with other products like VIT C and VIT D to protect and strengthen the immune system. It seems that consumer sales remain steady and the stock and stockbrokers are doing all the playing around.

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