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Cannabinoid Formula Could Be Used As A Cancer Treatment

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Table of Contents

CBD Treatment

The developers of the novel formulation, containing the cannabinoids CBDV and CBGA are looking to test it. They are looking to test the clinical safety and efficacy of its anti-cancer activity. The company is looking to treat gastrointestinal cancer.


According to Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc, the formulation contains the cannabinoids CBDV and CBGA. These cannabinoids have demonstrated anti-tumor activity in pre-clinical studies. At hight doses, there is no risk of patients getting high or intoxicated and the company now intends to examine the clinical safety and efficacy of the formula. They are using drug-screening tools to create cannabinoid-based cancer therapies that are somewhat specific to a patient’s profile. The end goal is to make cannabinoids useful as cancer therapies.

The full post is and information about the trial is HERE.

Catching Up

Many people around the world have been using Cannabis for the treatment of cancer. It is good to see companies looking into this area and as it is helping to prove that CBD and Cannabis are good for your health.

Please note that people claiming they had any success with Cannabis as a treatment used specific strains. They often had mixed levels of THC and the strains varied throughout the treatment. Please do not think that CBD or Cannabis can cure cancer easily as much of the evidence as been anecdotal.

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