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Australia and CBD

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Sydney Australia

When I learned how strict Australia was on CBD I was a little shocked. They had some very strong views on things. For example, they have clearly stood out and said “Anyone coming to their country has to live by their laws and if they can’t or don’t want to, they can make a home somewhere else” or words to that effect. A statement I can get behind if I am honest.

I was very surprised to see a ban on all CBD unless is it prescribed, but, it seems they are reviewing this situation. In March of this year, Australian health authorities expect to down-schedule the popular cannabinoid.

The Review

This review started in 2019 and is due to finish in March of this year and this will bring new business opportunities to the citizens when CBD is available over the counter. As stated above, you can only get CBD by prescription. This is available to them in-

  • Isolate form, which is just CBD and nothing else.
  • Some are THC ONLY of 7%
  • The majority are a combination of THC and CBD.

It Is Really Odd

I find it odd that the country has this stance that is so out of date but at least there is no messing around with changing this stance. Medical Cannabis is available there very easily, unlike here, and because of this, these CBD laws will pass very quickly will no need for further legislation once the review is complete.

MGC Pharmaceuticals is the Australian company that the mug Simon Harris picked to Ship Medical Cannabis to our nation on his 5-year pilot scheme.


It is great so see a country looking after its citizens in such a great way and it seems that if something is reasonable, within their means and it will help their nation, they will do it and do it quickly.

Australia And Epidiolex

It seems that the folks down under are hitting the news again as they fast track another medical cannabis product out to their nation. The last time they approved a product for use was in 2012. Sativex is joined by Epidiolex as it was fast-tracked with its application fees wavered and the application fast-tracked to the Senate committee.

It is Great News

Many would think that this is a great thing for the citizens of Australia as about 130 medical cannabis products were prescribed by 1,400 medical practitioners to treat over 130 conditions. That is wide very broad and especially when you compare it to Ireland. Ireland has strict rules and regulations on its uses and the difficulty in finding a practitioner to prescribe it.

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