A New Drug In Ireland

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A New Drug In Ireland

This following is in reference to an article in the journal. This article is sensationalism that mixes facts with fiction.  This type of reporting is deemed normal nowadays and it seems this clown from the Journal, Garreth MacNamee, continues the trend. We now have a potentially never before seen drug in Ireland that could be quote “Potentially Dangerous”.

He further adds to this danger by referencing the coronavirus in his reporting.  Now that he has your attention he will then stray off the subject and further add tension. He talks about the crime and gangland potential feuds that are and could rise as people aren’t paying their debts. 

More Of The Same

He even references Cocaine in his article and his “Sources” (HUSH HUS) stating that this trade is on its knees as there is no partying going on over the weekends. We are told Garda fear coming escalations as suppliers try to secure as much of this dangerous drug as possible. It has come to the fact they are on social media exchanging threats. Well O.M.G. Facebook.


In case you haven’t gathered the above is all said in a sarcastic tone. If you read his article, HERE, you will see from the 20 odd sentences he wrote about 4 of them actually deal with the issue of this so-called (LAUGHABLE DESCRIPTION) dangerous strain of cannabis. Tell me if I am wrong here but should we not be reading how this type of cannabis compares to the other types of cannabis that are usually sold and used in Ireland. Could we at least get a reference point or starting point as to how we went from normal cannabis to dangerous cannabis? This would be journalism 101 for me.

Journalism 101

How about you give us a little reference for the THC and the “Wedding Cake” points you are placing out there before you tell us that Cannabis means “those with underlying mental health issues, or first-time users, might be at a greater risk of adverse effects from using this drug.” It is this type of stupid reporting at all levels in Ireland that has the population in Ireland increasingly turning away from the media.  It is lazy writing that sensationalises Cannabis. Mixing fact with fiction and at the same time undermining Ireland’s own Medical Cannabis program.

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