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A Bad CBD Epidyolex

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A Bad CBD in the form of Epidyolex is a scandal coming to Ireland very soon. This CBD offered by the NHS is a disgrace. It could be available here too and many will fall for it and this is extremely frustrating.

1-It’s made by GW Pharma who has a subsidiary with Greenwich in the USA and they seem to be active in the roles they are trying to treat however at the end of the day, it’s PHARMACEUTICALS so, for me you can tell it’s going to be overpriced and why do we need big pharma to supply this. There are plenty and I mean plenty of better products out there RIGHT NOW that are available.

2-Why do we need tests on mice, rats, dogs, and monkeys to show that this works? Anyone who is in this industry knows it works and is trying to get this across to the public for years. We don’t need a pharmaceutical company to sell us flavored water and claim its wine.

What is it

They seem to be using a Sativa strain Isolate CBD in oil with artificial strawberry flavors. Heck, many have been using CBD to treat these symptoms already. Again! Why do we need a Pharma to tell us what to take? We don’t need the EU to let the Pharmaceutical companies decide what way we take when it is already provided in a naturally occurring plant.

Just give me the legal right to pick and use a product that will work for me or my child. It’s certainly ain’t this BULLSHIT ISOLATE CBD you trying to pass off to me. I shouldn’t have to line the pockets of the very organizations that cause many problems in the first place, that requires me to need or want CBD.

3- Why is there big liver damage warning with it referenced in the PDF documents and I can’t get the leaflet for the product? It kept saying I need to view this in the product.

The Price

CBD is classed as a Food Supplement and we do not need GW Pharmaceuticals to sell/give it to me at a higher price? 125 odd Euro for a 10ml bottle. You are making it for about 15. You are selling me a Ford engine with a Ferrari bodywork and making me pay for more. It’s a disgrace. Making money from the poor health of others.

CBD Isolate is the active ingredient, however, I can’t see the other ingredients apart from the carrier oil, added synthetic flavorings in this product and can’t seem to find any in the 100s of pages I scanned.

This is an Isolate CBD that is EXTREMELY overpriced to the taxpayer. I  don’t see Terpenes in this or other Cannabinoid profiles such as THC. Cannabidiol works better together as a whole, not in isolation and they need each other to work effectively.

A step in the right direction but not a good one. An actual disgraceful one that will probably suck in many people as they are desperate to find a solution to their problems and trust the Government to look after them.

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